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Additional Accounts


Holiday Club Share Account

The Holiday Club Share Account is another way TCU helps you save throughout the year for your upcoming Holiday expenses. This account may be opened at any time, and the funds will automatically transfer into your Share or Share Draft Checking Accounts in early October. Regular automatic transfers to your Holiday Club Share Account can help add to your holiday savings. Withdrawal restrictions do apply.  Ask a TCU representative for information about how you can be prepared for the next Holiday season.

Vacation Club Share Account

Planning a vacation, but having a difficult time saving your money? At TCU, we'll teach you how to save with the TCU Vacation Club Share Account. This is a separate Share Account designed specifically to help members save for a vacation. The account may be opened at any time, and there are no withdrawal restrictions.*

Teen Club

The TCU Teen Club is a great teen savings and financial education program brought to you by TCU. Although TCU Teen Club is not a special account, it is a special program just for teens and it's all about learning how to manage money and finances. If you are a teen and you have a TCU Share Account, you can join. Click here to learn more about TCU Teen Club!

Treasure Chest

Teach your children how to save for their future--early--by enrolling them in the TCU Treasure Chest Club.

  • Fun and exciting way for children to save for their future
  • Every quarter, receive a newsletter from the Treasure Chest headquarters
  • Bring your newsletter into any TCU Service Center, along with a minimum $2 deposit, and receive an exciting gift
  • Any child, eligible for TCU membership, age 12 or younger may sign up for this awesome Club

Download the latest Treasure Chest Newsletters today: 


If your child is not currently a TCU member and you want them to be part of the #1 Club in town, Visit your nearest TCU Service Center to become a member and join the TCU Treasure Chest Club.  Please be sure you bring:

  • Social security number and birth certificate are required
  • $12 - $5 for the initial deposit and $7 for the Credit Union membership fee

Check Out Googolplex, Our Online Guide For Kids and Teenagers!

Want to become responsible with money? Click here to find money facts, games, and more for kids, teens and young adults.

Honor Role

TCU has an Honor Role Club for members 55 years of age and older. This club offers a reduced rate on our Value Added Share Draft Checking Account and it’s easy to join.
To be eligible for membership, you must be 55 or older and have one of the following relationships with TCU:
  • Direct Deposit
  • TCU Investment Services relationship 
  • Cumulative balance of $10,000 or more.

Social Gatherings:

Throughout the year, Honor Role Members have the opportunity to attend exclusive events, such as:

  • Breakfast/Lunches
  • Holiday parties
  • Movies
  • Financial Seminars
  • Golf Outings
  • Picnics and more

Travel Excursions for Honor Role:

The Honor Role sponsors many fun trips designed with Honor Role members in mind. Such as:

  • One day trips
  • European Excursions
  • US trips

Restrictions apply on auto withdrawals as required with Reg D.* . 




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