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Contact TCU for questions about your Debit MasterCard®

At TCU your security is our highest priority, and that is why we issued you a new TCU Debit MasterCard® to replace your card in March, 2014. While we are not certain your information was part of the recent global security breach with retailers, we were not willing to take that chance.

To ensure your TCU Debit MasterCard® is protected, please take one of the following actions:
1.          Activate your new debit card that was mailed to you in March
2.       Visit a Service Center with Instant Issuance and we will issue you a new card in a matter of minutes. Click HERE to locate your nearest location with Instant Issuance
3.       Contact the Member Call Center at 800-552-4745 to request a new card, which will arrive in the mail approximately two weeks after making the request

For your protection, your current Debit MasterCard® will automatically deactivate on
June 4, 2014

Once you receive your new card, please activate it immediately and destroy your old card to ensure your purchases are protected. Additionally, you will need to provide your new card information to any merchant you have set up for recurring transactions. A recurring transaction is a transaction you have set up with your Debit Card to come out of your account automatically (i.e. Indiana Toll Road, phone bill, online merchants, etc). Please Note:  You may utilize your account statement to identify the transactions that will need to be updated with your new card number and expiration date.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact the TCU Member Call Center toll-free at 800-552-4745.

Debit Card Re-Issue FAQs: 

I do not want a new card, what are my options?
For your security, TCU issued a new Debit MasterCard® to those individuals that we feel their personal information may have been compromised. We understand why you would want to keep your current card; however, with the potential risk involved we find it necessary to take appropriate steps in protecting your information.

I’m worried about my information being compromised, what can I do to ensure my financial identity is protected?
• Use Internet Banking and Mobile Banking for up to date account information such as account balance and transactions.
• Set up TCU Text Alerts for a specific dollar amount so you are aware of transactions clearing your account.
• Set up MasterCard® Secure Code for on-line purchases: Enhances protection against unauthorized use of the Debit MasterCard® at participating online merchants. Once the card is registered and a private SecureCode™ is created, the card owner will be prompted at checkout to provide it each time a purchase is made with an online merchant. The SecureCode™ is never shared with the merchant; it is equivalent to entering a PIN number at an ATM. Members can enroll at tcunet.com TCU Cards>TCU Debit MasterCard®
• Obtain a free credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com annually.
•  Visit tcunet.com to obtain great information on establishing and protecting credit within the My Milestones section.

How did you identify me as an individual that may have been compromised?
We identified your TCU Debit MasterCard® was utilized during the timeframe a merchant experienced a breach. Although we are not certain your information is at risk, we are not willing to take that chance.

How does this affect me and how I am using my current Debit MasterCard®?
You can use your current card until you receive your new Debit MasterCard®. Once you obtain a new Debit Card, you can activate your new Debit Card and destroy your old card. Please remember to update all the merchants you have set up automatic payments (Indiana Toll Road, iTunes, phone bill, online merchants etc).

Any links to external websites are links to alternative sites not operated by TCU. TCU is not responsible for the content of the alternate site. The privacy and security policies of the alternate site may differ from those practiced by TCU. TCU does not represent you or the third party if you enter into a transaction with the third party.

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