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What is a Trust?

A living trust offers many benefits such as creditor protection, protection from taxes, protecting a minor, passing wealth outside a probate, Medicaid planning and more. How can a trust help you plan for your family's future?

10 Credit Union Myths

How much do you know about credit unions? Test yourself on these 10 myths. How many did you believe until today?

TCU's new Accelerate card answers

If you need to establish, strengthen or rebuild your credit, a secured credit card could be the answer.

Be ready for anything with a HELOC

Wondering if you'll ever get to cross anything off your bucket list? A home equity line of credit (HELOC) can get you the cash you need for when inspiration strikes.

Introducing Live Teller: a personalized approach to drive-up banking

TCU is rolling out a new interactive drive-up banking experience that provides the convenience of an ATM with the personal service of a teller.

TCU Pledges Commitment to CEO ACT!ON for Diversity & Inclusion

TCU supports diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We have further invested in that commitment by signing a pledge with the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion coalition.

PWC Insurance: Don't hit the waves without it

Think your new Jet Ski is covered by your homeowner’s insurance? Think again. Most homeowner policies don't cover personal watercraft, so it's important to get coverage to avoid getting soaked.

Warsaw Teacher Wins TCU’s “Give Your Favorite Teacher an Apple!” Contest

Jason Fleming of Edgewood Middle School was selected from more than 100 nominees to win an Apple iPad Pro. Congratulations to Mr. Fleming, and thanks to everyone who nominated their favorite teachers!

It pays to learn good money habits.

Getting that first paycheck is a big milestone in a young person's life. Knowing how to manage their new-found financial freedom responsibly is another.

Financial Literacy Month Winners Announced

Completing the Strengthen Your Financial Knowledge Contest playlist paid off for four lucky Fit Bit winners! Find out more about the benefits of TCU’s FREE online Personal Finance Program.