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Beware Tax Filing Scams

It’s important to learn how to recognize the signs of a fraudulent tax preparer so you don’t fall victim to a tax filing scam.

7 Steps Toward Purchasing An Auto Insurance Policy

Protect what you care about, which includes your car but also the people in it! Review these steps to learn what is important in an auto insurance policy and gain confidence in purchasing the right coverage for you. 

New Year, New Money Habits: How to Stick with it in 2022

Spend less, save more, pay down debt — how can you make 2022 the year you actually stick to these and other financial resolutions? To help answer that, we’ve compiled a list of tips. 

Year End Check List

As 2021 draws to a close, take a moment to go through this year-end financial checklist to ensure your finances are in order before the start of the New Year.

David R. Sage Award: TJ Aronson

TJ Aronson is the final recipient of the Leadership in Core Values award. He consistently delivers a wow experience as he goes above and beyond to help find solutions to problems. 

David R. Sage Award: Dhushyantha Mullakandage Don

Don is one of this year's recipients of the Leadership in Core Values award. His positive can-do attitude and desire to provide outstanding service to our members sets a positive example for his colleagues as he inspires them to do their best and go above and beyond.

The Promises and the Perils of Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later programs allow shoppers to make installment payments on their purchases. This payment method is very convenient, but should be used with caution.  

How to Boost Your Credit Score

Your credit score affects almost every facet of your life. Understand what factors impact your score, and how you can improve it.

David R. Sage Award: Ryan Woodruff

Ryan Woodruff is this year’s winner of the Leadership in the Workplace award. In the short time that Ryan has led the Mortgage team as Vice President of Mortgage Lending he has made a big impact.

David R. Sage Award: Catrina Tate

This year's Community Service award goes to Catrina Tate. In this interveiw she shares her thoughts on serving our communities and the value of leadership.