TCU Innovate! Business Challenge Winners Announced, a nonprofit developer of online courses, will receive $15,000 as the first-place winner. Four other honorees — Bamar Plastics, Scarpe, Sip & Share Wines and Unity Gardens — will receive $5,000 each., an Indianapolis nonprofit developer of online courses and educational materials, has been selected as the winner of the TCU Innovate! Business Challenge. will receive $15,000 and four other honorees will receive $5,000 each in a competition that invited TCU business members to share how they adapted and evolved their business operations in response to the pandemic.

The four $5,000 recipients are: Bamar Plastics, a South Bend-based producer of high precision insert-molded automotive components; Scarpe, an Italian restaurant in downtown Valparaiso; Sip & Share Wines, an Indianapolis-based boutique vegan winery; and Unity Gardens, a series of community gardens in South Bend that teaches people to grow their own food.

“The coronavirus pandemic has created economic conditions that have forced businesses and nonprofits to make unexpected adjustments — and this competition has highlighted just how well they have adapted,” said Paul Marsh, TCU’s President and CEO. “Our business members have shown great innovation in their operations, products and services, and we’re proud to support some of the best ideas.”

Each business faced and met great challenges, from developing multimedia lessons that add historical context to America’s current challenges, devising a computerized cart that revolutionizes factory quality control across industries, or pivoting to virtual strategies after limits to in-person interaction. Learn more about the TCU Innovate! Business Challenge recipients here.

“As hard as this time has been, it’s heartening to see how well our business members have navigated the economic crisis,” Marsh said. “Communities that work together will emerge stronger and TCU congratulates the Innovate! Business Challenge winners on their determination