TCU Supports Culver and Union Township Fire Department

Fundraising continues in Culver and Union Township for a new aerial fire truck, with a goal to raise $40,000 in private funding. TCU presented volunteer firefighters and town officials with $2,500 to assist the community in growing its emergency fleet.

For over two years, promises have been made that Culver and Union Township would have its own aerial fire truck. And those promises have come up empty.

That's expected to change very soon, however, as Culver and Union Township is now in the final phase of its fundraising campaign. Recently, Teachers Credit Union presented $2,500 to Culver and Union Township officials to support the purchase of an aerial fire truck for the community.

“TCU is proud to support Culver and Union Township in this important initiative,” said TCU Business Services Development Officer Randy Lemert. “There is no better way to stand with a community than to recognize the needs of first-responders in doing their live-saving work.”

Culver and Union Township is raising $40,000 in private funding to support the purchase of a $1 million aerial fire truck for its fire department. TCU encourages other community businesses and residents to join the effort as well.

An aerial truck features a hydraulic ladder up to 100 feet long, allowing firefighters to attack fires from above. The department’s current equipment does not allow firefighters to reach above the height of some of the community’s buildings.

“To wait for this type of truck to arrive from a neighboring community puts lives and property at risk,” said Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist. “Accessing an aerial fire truck is essential to keeping our community safe.”

Businesses and community members who donate at least $1,000 will have their names listed on a plaque at the Culver Union Township Fire Station. Those making donations of at least $10,000 will have their names listed on the aerial truck itself.