Sometimes Opportunity Means a Second Chance

TCU’s Opportunity Checking is more than just an account to help you build up your checking history. It offers the conveniences of a traditional checking account, plus the benefit of FREE financial coaching and FREE online financial education programs.

OK. So maybe you had a financial hiccup in the past that’s made it harder to qualify for a checking account. You’re definitely not alone. Many people find themselves in need of a second chance at a good banking relationship, especially after the economic turmoil of the past couple of years. But not every financial institution is willing to offer one.

Fortunately, TCU does. Opportunity Checking from TCU can help get you back on track so you can build a positive checking history and enjoy access to everyday banking services at the same time.

Opportunity Checking’s Everyday Benefits*

  • No minimum balance required
  • Easy purchasing online or in-store with a TCU Debit Mastercard® featuring
    • .5% cash back on non-PIN purchases
    • Mastercard's Identity Theft Resolution Services and Identity Theft Alerts
    • An effortless Round-Up Savings option 
  • Account Transfer Protection to guard against overdrafts
  • 24/7 access to your account with Online and Mobile Banking
  • Access to more than 700 no-fee ATMs in Indiana and Michigan, and 30,000+ reduced-fee ATMs nationwide
  • Friendly banking at nearly 60 TCU locations and more than 5,000 CO-OP credit union branches across the country

What Makes Opportunity Checking Different

We developed Opportunity Checking to help our members with past financial challenges to take control of their financial futures. That’s why we include additional services at no cost, such as:

  • Confidential financial coaching with a TCU Certified Financial Specialist (CFS) who can help guide you through financial challenges and increase your financial wellness
  • Online Financial Education Programs and Resources to help you achieve your financial goals

The Bottom Line

Opportunity Checking can offer you the second chance at the healthy banking relationship that you deserve. And while there is a monthly account fee, it can be as low as $8 when you enroll in eStatements.* In addition, after 12 months you may be eligible to transition to a traditional TCU Checking that offers lower monthly fees and additional benefits.

Take the first step on the path to financial wellbeing today!