Do Something Good for Your Neighbor

May 16 is National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day! And if there was a ever a time to help a neighbor, it’s now. Here are ways that you can help to ensure everyone has a community they can rely on during these uncertain times.

Connecting with your neighbors is important in good times — but is especially important now. As the pandemic continues to unfold, we continue to be inspired by how neighbors are coming together to offer support, lean on others when they need help and stay connected with their local communities.

Here some ways that neighbors are offering help to ensure everyone has a community they can rely on during this uncertain time.


Daily activities may be risky for more vulnerable neighbors. That’s why has introduced the Help Map — an interactive map of your community where you can mark yourself as someone who can pitch in for neighbors in need.

Whether you are able to drop off groceries for those that are homebound or hop on the phone to check in on elderly and at-risk neighbors, add yourself to the map sharing how you can support others. Neighbors in need of assistance can then message you through the Help Map.


During periods of social distancing, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone. By joining or creating a Nextdoor Group, you can easily stay connected with your neighbors, communicate about topics you care about, and organize ways to help each other. You can create a group just for your neighborhood, your nearby neighborhoods, or a community-wide group so that neighbors have a wider area to call on for support.


We know that local businesses are the cornerstone of thriving neighborhoods. But as we do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus, local businesses are closing their doors and struggling to stay afloat. It is more important than ever to show your love for local and continue to support businesses during these challenging times.

Consider buying gift certificates to enjoy later, ordering food for takeout or no-contact delivery, placing online orders through the store’s website, and tipping workers more than usual. 

Also, check out TCU offers ways to support small businesses while staying home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


As more people prepare to stay at home, some convenience stores are quickly going through basic supplies. If you have extra paper products, hand sanitizer or other necessities, share the bounty with your neighbors! Just be sure that you follow social distancing guidelines while dropping off any deliveries.


Community organizations and nonprofits need your help to continue serving people in need. Donations are down at food banks across the country just as workers have lost their cash flow and millions of children who rely on school meals have lost access to a daily meal. Additionally, there is currently a critical need for blood donations donations as blood drives continue to be canceled. Consider giving back — and encourage your neighbors to do so too — either monetarily or with physical donations.


Many families are struggling to keep up with their daily routines with school closures and work-from-home orders. If you are healthy and able, consider offering to help out with child care for parents that are unable to stay home from work, or offer to walk a neighbor’s dog if they are homebound. Students may also benefit from a virtual tutoring session if you specialize in a particular subject area. 


At times like this, we could all use a bit of neighborly kindness to lift our spirits. Some have kept their neighbors smiling with simple gestures like posting a heart in their window, buying a meal for a stranger, sharing pictures of their adorable pets — and even organizing  "car parades" where friends adorn vehicles with decorations like balloons, signs and streamers, then drive by someone's residence while keeping a healthy social distance!