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TCU is committed to keeping members informed of all the ways we're helping in the communities we serve and how to bank smarter and safer.
Bank nearly anywhere you go

You may never have heard of it, but Shared Branching is one of the best benefits of banking with a credit union like TCU.

Cash in with TCU’s Debit-Card Rewards Program

Earning rewards while using debit cards for everyday purchases is just another way that TCU helps members save and build a brighter financial future.

Earn and Learn with TCU’s Student Rewards Checking

Providing full access to Mobile Banking with tools and apps that make it easy to track spending, pay bills, send money, deposit checks and more.

A Lifetime of Savings

When saving money is routine for kids, it’s likely to become a habit. An early commitment to regularly save helps our youngest members become financially savvy adults. TCU’s youth savings accounts help empower the next generation, while providing an easy way to do it.

Credits and Debits: The Pros and Cons of the Cards in Your Wallet

Both credit cards and debit cards have a role to play in your financial life. Knowing how and when to use each of them represents a step toward financial security. 

Tools to Build Financial Security

April is Financial Literacy Month and a great time to focus on your personal financial goals and navigate the challenges that arise as you work toward them. We encourage you to explore TCU’s resources, tools and solutions to help you make smart money decisions now and to balance your priorities at every stage of life.

TCU Travels With You

While traveling, withdrawing money should be convenient, safe and quick. Fortunately, TCU members have access to 30,000 reduced-fee CO-OP and Alliance One ATMs nationwide.

Start an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund gives you the ability to deal with problems in a level-headed manner and helps you avoid racking up credit card debt or taking out a loan. Here are ideas on how to build an emergency fund to cover life's unexpected events.

How to Create a Simple Budget

Creating a manageable budget is key to having enough for both your needs and wants. A good way to achieve that goal is with a specific plan. Learn how to get started designing a budget you can live on in no time.

TCU Insurance Agency Has Moved its Plymouth Office to the Oak Drive Service Center

TCU Insurance Agency announces the move of its Plymouth office to the Plymouth West Service Center, 1501 North Oak Drive.