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What to Expect for Holiday Shopping 2021

Delivery delays, staff shortages, and higher prices will likely make holiday shopping a bit different this year. Plan ahead and start shopping earlier! 

A Guide to Secure Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is convenient. However any device that is connected to the internet still needs to be wary of cyber security. Read these quick tips to learn how to better protect your mobile phone from hacks and scams. 

Why You Need to Be Financially Fit

Just like physical health, being financially fit is crucial to your wellbeing, your future and your quality of life. Here are some of the common barriers to achieving financial wellness and how you can overcome them. 

How to Save on Wedding Costs

With some careful planning, you can have the wedding you desire and your budget too!

What to Buy or Skip in August

Which products typically go on sale in August and which should be pushed off for another time?

Financial Literacy Month Winners Announced

Completing the Strengthen Your Financial Knowledge Contest playlist paid off for four lucky Fit Bit winners! Find out more about the benefits of TCU’s FREE online Personal Finance Program.

TCU Launches Strengthen Your Financial Knowledge Contest

Inspired by Financial Literacy Month, this contest was created to promote financial wellness and to help equip people with the financial knowledge and skills needed to improve their financial health. Enter between April 1 and 30 for a chance to win a Fit Bit ($100 value)!

Get on the path to financial wellness this year.

It's a brand new year, which makes this a great time to study up on financial wellness and make a plan to reach your financial goals.

Net Worth: A Revealing Financial Health Measurement

What's your net worth — and why does it matter? TCU Area Manager Adam Young joins TCU Talks to explain the importance of this metric and how understanding it can be a step on the path to financial security.

Family and Money: Discuss Finances with Your Loved Ones

No matter how difficult, honest financial conversations among family members are almost always the best choice. TCU’s free, online program helps make that easier.