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Taking Stock in a Volatile Market

In uncertain times, using history as a guide can help people retain peace of mind and remain on steady ground as they evaluate their investments. TCU Investment Services offers perspective on protecting your portfolio’s health.

2020 Tax Rates, Schedules and Contribution Limits

Here are the numbers and tables needed to prepare your 2019 tax returns.

Note: Federal and state tax filing deadlines in Indiana and Michigan have been extended three months to July 15 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In making the announcement on March 20, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin encouraged people who are set to receive refunds to file earlier so they can get their money more quickly.

Strategies to Help Deal with Market Volatility

When the news seems alarming, your financial professional knows best how events affect your investment and retirement strategy. Tune out the noise and turn to a trusted partner to determine what's best for your financial well-being. 

A Look at the SECURE Act's Impact on Retirement

The SECURE Act — the first meaningful update to the law governing the retirement system in nearly 15 years — has created important changes for retirement planning. See how the new law will affect the ways you prepare yourself financially for your golden years.

How to Invest for Retirement

No matter what your current stage of life, there are financial steps you can take to ensure a secure retirement. Learn more about how to prepare to make the most of your golden years.

Benefits of a TCU Certificate

Share Certificates are a safe vehicle for investors. If you want to grow your money at a steady pace — and receive a higher interest rate than with a traditional savings account — a TCU Certificate might be the right choice.

What Millennials Should Know About Life Insurance

For millennials and young adults, buying life insurance can be a smart choice as you’re starting your career and you’re relatively healthy. Should the worst happen, it can help cover burial and other final expenses and help protect co-signers of private loans.

2019 Tax Rates, Schedules and Contribution Limits

A summary of useful tax information to help you prepare for the 2019 tax year.

Planning Your Retirement Budget

Although your retirement may seem like light years away, it’s wise to create a retirement budget and work with a financial advisor to determine if you’re on track.