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TCU is committed to keeping members informed of all the ways we're helping in the communities we serve and how to bank smarter and safer.
David R. Sage Award: Catrina Tate

This year's Community Service award goes to Catrina Tate. In this interveiw she shares her thoughts on serving our communities and the value of leadership. 

Empower Yourself with Free Financial Education Programs

TCU was founded by teachers in 1931, so education is in our roots!

More than 90 years later, we’re still committed to providing educational resources to help you improve your financial wellbeing.

TCU Foundation: Giving to be a Positive Force in our Communities!

Partnering with numerous nonprofits and community groups, the TCU Foundation supports programs and initiatives that focus on financial literacy/empowerment, education and other opportunities that directly benefit the communities in which TCU operates.

Special Needs Planning

Here are the basics on preparing financially for your child with special needs. Let's explore the different considerations that your family may face over the years. 

Benefits of Using a Credit Card

Credit cards offer more protection compared to using cash or debit cards. Learn how to best take advantage of credit card use and what features to consider when applying for a new card.

TCU Supports Rees Theatre Project with $20,000 Contribution

TCU joins leaders in Plymouth for beam signing at historic theatre

What to Expect for Holiday Shopping 2021

Delivery delays, staff shortages, and higher prices will likely make holiday shopping a bit different this year. Plan ahead and start shopping earlier! 

What You Didn't Know About Home Loans

Buying a home will likely be the biggest purchase you ever make. Be sure to find out all there is to know about mortgages and their interest rates before applying for a home loan.

Putting the Trust in a Special Needs Trust

Everyone’s needs and circumstances are unique, which can make proper planning not only tricky, but often overwhelming. A Special Needs Trust can give you the piece of mind that your loved one will be taken care of. 

David R. Sage Award 2021 Winners

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 David R. Sage Award. This honor is awarded annually to TCU team members who demonstrate the leadership and values of former board chairman David R. Sage, who served in TCU leadership for nearly four decades.