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TCU is committed to keeping members informed of all the ways we're helping in the communities we serve and how to bank smarter and safer.
TCU welcomes new team members to TCU Mortgage Team

TCU Adds Anthony Douglas Sr. and Stephanie Hoetger-Moncayo to Mortgage Team.

Have you tried Live Teller yet?

TCU's new interactive teller machine provides members with a convenient and personalized banking experience. 

Cheers to 90 Years!

Our story began with a few teachers who had a vision of people helping people. Today we celebrate TCU's 90th anniversary because of members like you!

A Guide to Secure Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is convenient. However any device that is connected to the internet still needs to be wary of cyber security. Read these quick tips to learn how to better protect your mobile phone from hacks and scams. 

Benefits of a Health Savings Account

As more of us opt for high-deductible health insurance plans, Health Savings Acocunts (HSAs) have become an important part of maintaining financial wellness and planning for the future.

Podcast: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

Host Jacquelyn Burns-Rucker speaks to Melissa Diaz-Rosario, TCU's Service Center Manager in Whiting, IN, about growing up as a first-generation Hispanic American, coming to work for TCU and serving members of the Hispanic community in Whiting.

TCU Business Member Sip & Share Wines Awarded Elevate Grant

Elevate is a small business grant program that assists the growth and development of small businesses, their workforce, and the communities where they are located.

Estate Planning: How to Avoid Potential Pitfalls

It's important to know what pitfalls to avoid when planning your trust. Don't leave when, what and how your estate is distributed to chance!

Why You Need to Be Financially Fit

Just like physical health, being financially fit is crucial to your wellbeing, your future and your quality of life. Here are some of the common barriers to achieving financial wellness and how you can overcome them. 

TCU Wins

Innovative competition earns TCU an award in third annual Community Institution Sement Awards.