Sign up for CardSwap today

  1. Login to TCU Online Banking
  2. Click on the Menu, then Cards and select CardSwap
  3. Pick your favorite shopping, streaming or subscription services from an easy-to-use menu (have your subscription passwords handy)
  4. Assign the TCU debit or credit card you want to use

CardSwap will automatically replace the card that's on file at your favorite online merchant or service with your TCU card.

You can choose from dozens of subscription services, with more being added all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I entered my card information and received “card not recognized.”

Recheck to make sure you entered your card information correctly. If you receive the same error message again:

For TCU Debit Mastercard®: You may have received this message if you have a negative balance in your checking account. Try again once your account balance is no longer negative.

For TCU Visa® Platinum/Platinum Rewards credit cards: You may have reached your credit limit. Try again once your card balance is below your credit limit.

I use some of the services listed, but I don’t have an online account.

You will need to set up an online account with the service first, then you can revisit CardSwap and set up your payments.

I set up my first online account with CardSwap, and now the CardSwap page in TCU Online Banking looks different.

Once you have successfully set up an online account, the next time you access CardSwap you will see a screen with: 1) the TCU card you selected as your payment method at the top of the page and 2) the account(s) you have already linked. Simply click on the "+" button to return to the full list of services.

I already have my checking account set up to make an automatic monthly payment to one of the services on the list. If I update with CardSwap to use my debit card for the same service, will that stop the automatic monthly payment from my checking?

Yes, CardSwap will update your payment method to your debit card.

Can I assign my TCU debit card to pay for some services and my TCU credit card to pay for others?

Yes. CardSwap lets you add more than one TCU card. However, you can only assign one card per service.

If you have any questions or are having problems setting up CardSwap in Online Banking, please contact a TCU Member Service Representative at (800) 552-4745.