Debit Card Authorization

Faced with an unexpected expense? With Debit Card Authorization, your debit card purchase may be approved even if the available balance in your TCU account falls a little short.

How do you go about acquiring this kind of peace of mind?

Your first step is to enroll in Account Transfer Protection. From there:

  • Log into online banking or the mobile app, select the Overdraft Management tile, and choose your options! 
  • Call the TCU Member Call Center at (800) 552-4745
  • Visit your nearest TCU Service Center

Debit Card Authorization FAQs

Why would I want to opt in to Debit Card Authorization and what happens if I opt out?

Choosing Debit Card Authorization means that your debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals may be approved (up to a negative $500, including fees) even if your account falls below a specific purchase or ATM withdraw amount. For instance, if you have an available balance of $123 in your account and you're about to swipe your debit card for $200 at the grocery store, your purchase may be approved if you're opted in to Debit Card Authorization. If you opt out, your grocery purchase will be declined.

If there is a negative current balance in your account when the purchase settles you may be charged a fee.

If I opted into Debit Card Authorization but now want to opt out (or I opted out and wish to opt in) what steps do I need to take?

Once you’ve opted into Debit Card Authorization, you can opt out (or back in) at any time. Simply change your Opt In/Out preference by logging into online banking or the mobile app, selecting the Overdraft Management tile, and choosing your options! 

If I opt in/out, when will my Debit Card Authorization preferences go into effect?

Your Opt In/Out preference will go into effect within three business days.

What fees are associated with opting into Debit Card Authorization?

If a debit card purchase or ATM withdrawal is authorized after opting into Debit Card Authorization, a $32 fee may be assessed on your account. Additionally, a fee will be assessed for each subsequent purchase that overdraws your account further. See TCU Debit Mastercard® and Debit Card Authorization terms and conditions for details.

When a purchase or ATM withdrawal is authorized and covered by Debit Card Authorization, will I be charged a fee if I make a deposit or transfer funds from another TCU account before that purchase clears my account?

If your checking account balance is not overdrawn when all items clear your account, no fee will be applied to your account. If your checking account is overdrawn when all items clear your account, fees will be charged according to the TCU Terms and Conditions and Fee Schedule.

What types of purchases are covered by Debit Card Authorization?

All TCU Debit Mastercard® purchases and ATM withdrawals, whether you enter your PIN or sign your name, will be covered by Debit Card Authorization when they are within the overdraft limits. Debit Card Authorization will not cover purchases made by check, ACH, recurring debit card transactions or transactions that will overdraw your account more than $500.

If a purchase is covered by Debit Card Authorization, how will I know?

If a debit card purchase or ATM withdrawal is covered by Debit Card Authorization, you will receive an overdraft notification by mail (or via My Documents in Online Banking) indicating the purchase was covered. However, as noted above, you will still be liable for any overdraft fees assessed to your account. You can stay informed on your account balances via TCU Online and Mobile Banking.

Do I need to opt in for Debit Card Authorization if I set up overdraft protection from my TCU savings accounts or line of credit accounts?

Opting in for Debit Card Authorization provides protection for purchases/ATM withdrawals with your TCU Debit Mastercard®. Overdraft Protection will automatically transfer money to your checking to reduce or eliminate the amount of the overdraft. If you want to ensure that both Debit Mastercard, check, ATM withdrawals and ACH transactions are all covered, you should take advantage of both services.

If I have more than one checking account, do I need to opt in/out for each of them? 

Yes, you will need to opt in/out of Debit Card Authorization for each one individually. This gives you the flexibility of choosing which account(s) you want Debit Card Authorization to apply, and which ones you don’t. Opting in or out is as easy as logging in to TCU Online Banking or visiting your nearest service center. 

If my Debit Mastercard® expires or is replaced, do I need to opt in/out my new debit card?

No, your Debit Card Authorization opt in/out preference will carry over to your new TCU Debit Mastercard®.

If I have further questions about Debit Card Authorization or any purchases that were or were not authorized by Debit Card Authorization, what can I do?

We are here to help! If you have any questions regarding TCU Debit Card Authorization, please contact our Member Call Center at (800) 552-4745 or visit to locate your nearest TCU service center.