You might think you know everything there is about debit cards. Think again. The TCU Debit Mastercard offers exceptional value that goes way beyond worldwide buying power. You can also earn cash back on purchases, opt in to special overdraft protection, and take advantage of an easy way to build your savings.

  • Earn 0.5% cash back on non-PIN transactions.
  • Access to more than 700 no-fee ATMs across Indiana and 30,000-plus reduced-fee ATMs nationwide
  • Make purchases easily with your favorite mobile pay service - Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.
  • Save effortlessly with Everyday Savings. Each time you make a purchase with your TCU Debit Mastercard, we'll round up the change and automatically transfer it to your savings.
  • Optional Debit Assurance makes sure your purchases will be approved even if you don’t have enough funds in your checking account.
  • Link your debit card to your favorite online shopping, streaming and subscription services through CardSwap in TCU Online Banking.
  • Traveling abroad? TCU will make sure your card works when and where you need it, almost anywhere in the world. Simply contact us when international travel is in your plans.