Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Whether retirement means a chance to kick back and relax or stretch out and explore, you'll need enough money to make it a reality. TCU offers several Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options to pave the way for a comfortable future.

TCU offers three types of IRAs. We can help you decide which type is right for you:

  • Traditional: Annual contributions are often tax-deductible, and funds grow tax-deferred
  • Roth: Funds grow tax-free and there are no taxes upon withdrawal
  • Coverdell: Also called an Education IRA, this type offers tax-free withdrawals for children’s education expenses

Once you have selected an IRA type, you can begin building for your future with:

  • IRA Certificates: Choose one of several investment terms that earn dividends with a fixed interest rate
  • IRA Savings: Save a little at a time while earning interest on your balance. Simply set up an automatic deposit of as little as $25 a month and watch your retirement savings grow