TCU Visa® Cards

Lower rates, higher standards.
Choose the card that is right for you.

TCU Visa Platinum

Enjoy 0% APR* on purchases and balance transfers posted to your account by Jan 31, 2022!

At a Glance
Even after the promotional period, you can look forward to a great ongoing rate as low as 7.25% APR* without skimping on perks.

Best if you:

  • Carry a balance each month
  • Want to transfer balances from high-interest cards

TCU Visa Signature Rewards

Enjoy the same 0% APR* offer and DOUBLE the Rewards Points. 

At a Glance
Now earn 2x Rewards Points redeemable for cash back, merchandise, travel or gift cards until January 31, 2022. Plus, your rate could be as low as 11.25% APR* after the promo period.

Best if you:

  • Pay off your balance each month
  • Use your card frequently for dining or shopping to rack up Rewards Points

TCU Accelerate Secured

Improve your credit while staying in control!

At a Glance
Designed to help you build your credit by using money in your TCU account as collateral until your credit score reaches the desired goal. Not eligible for 0% APR special offer. 

Best if you:

  • Need to strengthen, build or rebuild your credit
  • Want to stay in control of your credit limit and monthly spending

Exclusive Visa Benefits

Whichever card you choose you'll be covered by Visa's added levels of security and protection:

  • Zero Liability Policy — Lets you shop with confidence. You're protected if your Visa credit or debit card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used, online or offline. 
  • Verified by Visa — Provides an extra layer of security that works behind the scenes to protect your identity and your shopping experience online.
  • Visa Checkout — Makes online checkout easy, smart and secure. Whenever you see the " New online checkout logo." icon where Visa is accepted, you can skip guest checkout, bypass form fields and forget the hassle of remembering passwords.