Contactless Cards

Get the most out of your contactless card

Paying with your new contactless card has never been easier – just tap to pay. Use your card wherever you see this symbol:  Contactless Checkout Icon

When you use your new contactless card

1. Look

for the contactless symbol at checkout

2. Tap

your card near the checkout terminal

3. Go

Your payment is complete!


Experience the speed, security and convenience of contactless cards today!

A contactless card payment uses a Radio Frequency (RF) technology, allowing cardholder to “wave” their contactless card over a contactless-enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminal. The embedded antenna transmits the payment info to the contactless-enabled terminal using a one-time code with each transaction. This allows for a secure, fast and easy transaction process.

Every contactless card payment transaction includes a one-time-use, dynamic data for the transaction. This same data cannot be used for other transactions. In addition, each contactless device must have its own unique secret key and this key is never transmitted.

Your new card also includes an embedded microchip and magnetic stripe, so if your favorite store doesn’t have this new technology, you can use your new card in the same way that you had used a standard card.

Yes, the card still has a number, expiration date and secure code that can be used for purchases online and over the phone.

New member? You'll receive a contactless debit card automatically when you open a TCU checking account.

Current member? Your new contactless debit card will be mailed to you when your current card expires. If you'd like a contactless debit card sooner, you can visit one of the branches listed below to get a new card issued instantly.

All new TCU Visa Platinum* credit cards that we issue are contactless. If you are an existing TCU Visa Platinum* cardholder, your new contactless card will be mailed to you when your current card expires. 

* At this time, only the Visa Platinum card is available in contactless.