TCU Business Challenge

Innovation Deserves to be Recognized!

We are awarding $25,000 (or more) to celebrate business innovations that offer a promising outlook for the future.

The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly and dramatically impacted businesses, giving them few choices but to evolve how they operate and — in some cases — the types of products and services they provide.

TCU knows that many of our business members are at the forefront of this effort, on the one hand absorbing the brunt of the economic downturn, while on the other innovating to adapt to new realities.

To recognize those efforts, we’re launching the “Innovate! TCU Business Challenge” that will award at least $25,000 in grants to the best ideas that have emerged as companies have adapted to the coronavirus pandemic. The idea can be a new concept a business would like to implement or one that has already been put into place.

One business will be selected to receive a $15,000 grant and at least two others will receive $5,000 grants each. This challenge is designed to recognize those businesses that best demonstrate their resilient and innovative spirit.

Applications will be accepted May 26 – June 15 and can be made by a business owner, employee or member of the community.