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Defining Financial Success 

Your finances are getting a great workout! You should be ready to go the distance with financial wellness!
Going the distance requires making commitments to your financial goals. Let’s begin our workout today by defining your own financial goals. Below are a few goals to consider when creating your own:

4 Tips to Define Your Financial Goals:

  1. Think about goals that are within your reach of achieving.
  2. Create milestones within larger goals to keep your head in the game. For example, if you want to save $1,000.00 over the course of the year, set a milestone to save $20.00 each week! Having a weekly or monthly milestone will keep you on pace to achieve your goals!
  3. Make goals that are specific. Truly think about what you want to change or achieve.
  4. Write down your goals and revisit them monthly!

Do you need a little motivation to stay on track with your goals?
If so, here are 3 Ways to Grow Your Cheer Squad:

  1. Tell your significant other or family that you are committed to financial wellness.
  2. Swing by your closest TCU Service Center to tell TCU team members your goals and they’ll provide you with what you need to get started.
  3. Visit TCU’s Facebook page or Twitter page to share your financial goals with others in the TCU community.

Are you ready to define your financial success with TCU? Start Owning Your Financial Future!


Fluctuating Mortgage Rates Can Bring You Big Savings!

Keeping an eye on mortgage rates is ideal for any current or future homeowner. In today’s market, mortgage rates can change quickly. That’s why taking advantage of low mortgage rates pays off.
A change as small as a quarter of a percent could bring you big savings! If you want to see the savings that come from a potential drop in mortgage rates, check out our Mortgage Loan Calculator.

Staying Informed With TCU Mortgage
When mortgage rates hit record lows or begin to climb, TCU Mortgage wants to ensure you are properly notified, informed and provided with the guidance to make the decision that fits your needs.

3 Tips to Staying Informed of Mortgage Rates:

  1. Check out TCU Mortgage’s website to discover Today’s Rates
  2. Sign up for TCU’s Rate Watch – Rate Watch monitors mortgage loan rates and notifies you when your desired rates are available, or you can subscribe to receive current rate notifications on a regular basis
  3. Contact a TCU Mortgage Representative in your area

Refinancing With TCU Mortgage
If you are a homeowner, a drop in mortgage rates raises the question of whether or not to refinance. TCU Mortgage gives you the resources so you can decide if refinancing is right for you.

3 Tips to Guide Your Refinancing:

  1. Compare current rates to your mortgage loan rate
  2. Use our Refinancing Calculator to determine if refinancing brings you potential savings
  3. Find a TCU Mortgage Lender near you to help you determine if refinancing is right for you

To Rent or To Buy a Home
Are you currently renting property? When rates are low, you may be surprised by the savings that owning a home could bring compared to renting. Use TCU’s Rent vs. Buy calculator to see if becoming a homeowner brings you savings!

You can also check out TCU’s My Milestones for valuable articles, advice and resources to guide you through the process of becoming a home owner.

Take Advantage of Low Rates with TCU Mortgage
TCU Mortgage’s professionals are ready for you to take advantage of the current mortgage rate. Whether you want to refinance, buy a new home or buy your first home, TCU Mortgage can provide you with the guidance and solutions you need to say home, sweet, home! Take advantage of mortgage rates and contact a TCU Mortgage Lender!


Save on Your Fixed Expenses

Let’s do some heavy lifting and explore ways to save money on your fixed expenses!

First, let’s define what a fixed expense is:
A fixed expense is any expense that does not, necessarily, change. These are generally expenses that you are obligated to each month, quarter or year. Mortgage, rent, auto insurance and health insurance are examples of fixed expenses.

Finding ways to slim down your fixed expenses and getting them moving could bring you big savings.

2 Tips to Trim and Save On Your Fixed Expenses With TCU:

  1. Looking to slim down the price of your mortgage? Check out our Mortgage Refinance Calculator to conveniently determine if refinancing your home can save you money! Contact a TCU Mortgage professional for the guidance and advice you need to refinance your home!
  2. Insurance is another great fixed expense to give a workout! With member discounts and competitive rates, TCU Insurance Agency offers you a variety of insurance coverage including auto, health, business, life, homeowners and much more. Get your quote today!

Our experts at TCU Mortgage and TCU Insurance are ready to give your fixed expenses a workout! Ready. Set. Go! Discover potential savings from refinancing your mortgage! Find insurance coverage that works for you!


Flex Your Flexible Expenses

TCU’s Check Your Vitals series is just getting started. And since you’re really finding your groove, now we can get into some heavy lifting.

The next step to your financial wellness is consolidating your expenses into two categories: fixed and flexible.
Let’s start with flexible:

  • Flexible expenses are those things we all love getting like a cup of coffee, that new sweater or going out for dinner.

If you’re looking for a way to stretch your flexible expenses, check out M3TM (My Money Manager)

M3TM is an online money management tool within TCU Internet Banking that tracks your spending. And better yet, M3TM helps you categorize your spending so you can know how much you’ve spent on dinning out, clothes, gas, groceries, etc.

With M3TM, you’ll have plenty of ways to make the most of your flexible spending:

  1. Set monthly limits and spending categories. For example, if you only want to spend a certain amount on dining out for the month, you can input the amount so you can better track your expenses and progress.
  2. Set monthly goals. Do you want to set a monthly goal of trimming down your expenses? M3TM can give you reasons to celebrate your accomplishments with its ability for you to make unique financial goals so you stay on track!

This online money management tool will give your flexible expenses more flex on your path towards financial wellness. Keeping close track of these expenses allows you to set a realistic expense goal through M3TM.

Log into TCU Internet Banking and start whipping your finances into shape with M3TM today!

Plus, check back here for tips on how TCU can help you get your fixed spending on track! 

Find Your Credit’s Pulse

It’s no secret: The pulse of your credit score is vital to your financial wellness. So, let’s roll up your credit’s sleeve and find its pulse.

If you head over to TCU’s My Milestones and look under the Establishing and Protecting Credit tab, we’ll give you the resources to run your credit report.
Here are some great workouts to better your credit’s pulse:

  • Keep your score fit by paying bills on time. A late payment negatively impacts your score. With TCU’s electronic bill pay system, we can make sure your payments cross the finish line when they need to.
  • Take your credit reports for a run multiple times a year. Running your credit report multiple times over the year allows you to cross-check, ensuring no discrepancies.
  • Consolidate your debt to one place. A balance transfer may be a practical way to save you money from high interest rates. TCU’s credit card solutions offer you a lean interest rate.

Give your credit the workout it deserves with TCU!


Health and Financial Wellness

Without a doubt, keeping up on your financial wellness allows you to lead a healthier lifestyle.
If your finances ever catch a ‘cold’, you will certainly feel the stress. Unnecessary stress can cause your immune system to weaken, making you susceptible to colds.
When you Check Your Vitals with TCU, you’ll be proactive and committed to financial wellness. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Review your monthly statements. With TCU’s eStatements, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your statements are safe and secure on our system. You’ll be able to access these 24-hours a day!
  • Get organized. M3TM (My Money Manager), a free TCU Internet Banking service, brings together all of your TCU accounts allowing you to see your finances in one spot. No more digging through file cabinets.

More than anything, TCU wants to help with your finances’ blood pressure and be there with you along the way.

Welcome to Check Your Vitals. You’ve come to right place to whip your finances into shape!

During the course of this month-long series, TCU will give you some great workouts to better your financial wellness so your finances have that beach body they’ve always wanted. We want you to flaunt your financial wellness. No, seriously. This is something TCU is passionate about. So passionate, in fact, that we are going to be with you every step of the way during your journey.

Think of us as your spotter, your jogging buddy, your cheer squad when you cross the finish line. Yes, TCU can be all those things.

This month TCU will be supplying you with all the financial solutions, the ‘workout equipment’, if you will, to make sure you shape up your financial wellness. We’ll even provide you the towel to wipe away the sweat!

Get yourself prepared. We’ll be exploring ways to:

  • Find your credit’s pulse
  • Bulk-up your savings
  • Make a lean budget
  • Set personal financial goals
  • Staying fit for the future

Check Your Vitals will highlight a multitude of TCU’s financial solutions to enhance your financial wellness:

  • Looking to purchase or refinance a home? TCU Mortgage has some top-notch professionals to work with you.
  • Need a better rate on your car, renters or health insurance? TCU Insurance offers you a wide variety of insurance solutions so you can better your financial wellness!
  • Want to start saving for the future? With TCU Investment Services, you’ll get to work with TCU team members devoted to planning your future!
  • How about some great rates on a line of credit? TCU Credit Cards offer you unparalleled benefits.
  • Planning a dream vacation? TCU Travel Club provides you with jaw-dropping rates on international and domestic travel packages!

We can’t wait to guide you on the path to financial wellness!

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