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Malicious + Software = Malware. How it Works. 

October 20, 2017

The safety and protection of Teachers Credit Union members' and staff is our No. 1 priority, and that includes their information. Below is a short video that explains the potential dangers lurking inside your computer, tablet and mobile device and how to protect yourself. 

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and each week Teachers Credit Union is posting some tips intended to keep you and your family safe from modern-day information predators. 


Celebrate International Credit Union Day!

October 19, 2017

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and the ongoing wildfires in California it has been difficult in recent weeks to watch natural disasters shatter people’s lives, businesses and dreams. News coverage has also been quick to showcase communities coming together to assist not to mention the outpouring of national support from seemingly every corner of the United States.

It was from a similar set of circumstances that the first credit union was conceived, and every year on the third Thursday of October the world’s 49,000 credit unions and their 180 million members celebrate and commemorate International Credit Union Day as the start of the credit union movement.

In 1848, Freidrich Raiffeisen, at age 27 and the mayor of Flammersfeld, Germany conceived the idea for a credit union to help ease the distress of farmers suffering from a famine that had struck his district. A large portion of Europe, as a whole, was impacted and became known as the European Potato Failure and The Hungry Forties. Millions died and as many as 2 million people fled to places like the United States spurring a century-long European population decline.

International Credit Union Day was first celebrated in 1948 – the 100-year anniversary of Freidrich Raiffeisen’s idea – and gives the credit union industry an opportunity to remember our proud history as we promote understanding and support for the credit union difference.

In Indiana, Teachers Credit Union is one of more than 150 Hoosier-based credit unions collectively serving 2.2 million members, and today we are celebrating with our members. All of our 55 branches statewide have fun activities planned including snacks and giveaways. We hope you’ll stop-in for a visit.

Thank you to our nearly 300,000 TCU members and credit union supporters worldwide for being part of the credit union’s “people helping people” philosophy. You continue to make Freidrich Raiffeisen’s vision a reality. (“How Raiffeisen Changed the World.”)


NUVO Christens TCU "Best in Indy"

October 18, 2017

In an announcement today of the results of NUVO Newsweekly’s annual “Readers’ Choice Best of Indy” survey, Teachers Credit Union has been named Indianapolis’ Best Bank/Credit Union. NUVO, Inc. is Indiana’s largest independent alternative news organization.

NUVO’s summary of TCU reads, “You picked TCU as your favorite local bank — and they happen to be the largest credit union in our state, too. With locations all over the metropolitan area, TCU’s almost 90-year history has led to 55 branches. Love to support local but currently belong to a big bank? There are tons of arguments for switching to a credit union, but the most compelling is this: profits go back directly to members.”

We could not agree more. Thank you to NUVO and its readers!

NUVO, Inc. describes its vision and mission: To empower intelligent, open-minded innovators through storytelling. It is created by and for people who love the Central Indiana community, culture and environment. NUVO Newsweekly and NUVO.net highlight Indy′s news, arts and entertainment, music, food and drink, and more by giving Central Indiana Hoosiers the low-down on everything good, bad and ugly happening in our shared home. 


TCU's Karol Griffin inducted into Indiana Credit Union Hall of Fame


Karol Griffin (video profile) of Teachers Credit Union was inducted into the Indiana Credit Union Hall of Fame during the Indiana Credit Union League's statewide convention. She was honored at the Chairman's Awards Banquet at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis on September 22, 2017.

Over her 40-year career she has held a number of key leadership positions in retail, human resources, branch operations and facilities at the credit union, where she was one of the first females to reach the vice president level. Griffin has also served as Executive Director of the TCU Foundation, whose youth financial literacy efforts have won a national award. Teachers Credit Union serves nearly 300,000 members in Indiana and Michigan.

 Her contributions outside Teachers CU have benefited credit unions and their members in Indiana and nationwide. Griffin’s leadership was instrumental in the growth of shared branching as Credit Union Centers of North Central Indiana merged with others to form one statewide organization called Credit Union Centers of Indiana, and eventually included Illinois to become Credit Union Centers, where Griffin was president for 15 years. Her skills were recognized on a national scale when she was elected to the board of CUSC, a position she held for 10 years. She was influential in helping the CUSC board adopt the vision and strategy that led to partnering with CO-OP Financial Services, ultimately leading to the combining of the operations of three national shared branching networks into CO-OP Shared Branching, a unified national network, which currently has more than 5,600 locations throughout the United States.

Griffin holds Certified Chief Executive credentials from Credit Union Executive Society (CUES), and has received the CUES Rising 100 Award. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and a Masters of Business Administration from Bethel College.

Congratulations, Karol, on an amazing TCU career and this well-deserved recognition! 

The Indiana Credit Union League is the statewide trade association for credit unions in Indiana. Those credit unions serve more than 2 million Hoosiers.


Help Kids Stay Safe Online

October 12, 2017

How to keep children safe online is a modern-day vital question. It is tough since our kids are growing up in an environment we ourselves never experienced, and kids seemingly are always connected. Here are seven tips to help kids stay safe online. 

  1. Educate & Mentor -- The No. 1 way to protect kids today is by talking to them. Talk about online threats such as predators, bullies and the risk of sharing too much information.
  2. Set Expectations -- Be sure your children understand your expectations before they are given access to technology. Such as when they can be online and what they can share.
  3. Centralize Your Devices -- Have your kid's computers and gaming consoles in a central location in your home. Also create a central family charging station where all mobile devices are stored before kids go to bed.
  4. Communicate -- Make sure your kids feel comfortable talking and sharing with you. Have them demonstrate what apps they are using and how they are using them. Have them teach you.
  5. Keep Calm & Respond Openly -- If your child approaches you about something bad happening online, don't overreact. Instead, use the incident as a learning opportunity. If you punish your child for approaching you, they may not come to you in the future. 
  6. Educate Extended Family -- Make sure family members are aware of your rules and expectations when your children are visiting them. You may have created a cyber safe environment when at your home, but what happens when your kids visit relatives?
  7. Seek Resources -- There are a tremendous number of resources online where you can learn more. We have listed a few here:





October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and each week Teachers Credit Union is posting some tips intended to keep you and your family safe from modern-day information predators. 


TCU Among Those Striving to End to Youth Homelessness in St. Joseph County

October 11, 2017

Teachers Credit Union Business Services Development Officer Rickey Miller goes "Over the Edge" in support of the fight against youth homelessness.Why take the elevator or even the stairs from the top of a 5-story building when another option is to repel more than 70 feet down the structure’s exterior?

It is that sort of “edgy” thinking Youth Services Bureau of St. Joseph County knew would help draw attention to the challenges facing at-risk and homeless youth that the charity serves, and hence “Over the Edge” was born.

The concept: Individuals raise $1,000 for YSB for the right to rappel down a building in downtown South Bend. On September 23 the first-time fundraiser was a soaring success as nearly 50 “edgers,” using ropes and harnesses, and under professional supervision, made the gradual walking decent down the building’s façade located at 100 E. Wayne Street.

An impressive $70,000 was raised.

Among the first was Teachers Credit Union Business Services Development Officer Rickey Miller who is a member of the YSB Board of Directors and celebrating 25 years with TCU. His participation was unscheduled.  

“Because I already had plans elsewhere the next day, the day before I volunteered at the site to assist with edger sign-up and made the ill-fated statement, ‘If I were able to attend tomorrow, I would go over.’ My YSB colleagues called my bluff and the next thing I knew I was atop the building in a harness,” said Miller. “The rest is history.”

In this era where rock climbing, cross fit, and parkour skills like the ones seen on the hit TV show “American Ninja Warrior” are becoming more mainstream, YSB leadership is optimistic next year’s Over the Edge participation numbers will double.

Youth Services Bureau of St. Joseph County focuses on positive youth development under the premise that every young person will thrive in a safe and supportive community. 

“It costs an average of $1,000 to provide shelter, food, clothing, and counseling for one youth for one week at YSB's emergency youth shelter, Safe Station,” says its Director of Community Connections Christina McGovern.

Miller's support of YSB dates back nearly four decades when he and his sisters attended its summer camp program. “It is a pleasure to support such a great organization,” he said.

“I will be participating in Over the Edge next year as well and will need donations!” said Miller with a grin.


October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

October 6, 2017

Are you someone that does everything online? It is probably easier these days to name the things you cannot do online versus trying to name the things you can. If you are one of these people, it is more important than ever to keep your personal information safe. The first step is to recognize the risks you may come into contact with. Here are some terms you should be familiar with:

  • Hackers/Intruders – These are the people who look to take advantage of weaknesses in computer systems to obtain personal information or for financial gain. Remember that some hackers may not be malicious in their intentions, but some are, and all of them are in violation of the law.
  • Malicious code/Malware/Virus: There are different types of Malware. Some may look to obtain your personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, among other important information. This code or Malware can infect your computer by you clicking on a suspicious email attachments, pop-up ad, or can even disguise itself as something else such as a program that will help clean up your computer.
  • Vulnerabilities: These are programming or software errors. Make sure to always apply updates for your electronic devices as they contain fixes to these errors and other security measures that the developer has been made aware of.

Understanding these common risks will help you better protect yourself. Keep up-to-date with cyber security tips here on Tcunet.com all month as we will provide awareness tips in Cyber Security Month.


Three-Years Running, TCU’s Cheryl Perkins Shines Among Voters in Annual “Reader’s Choice” Recognition

October 6, 2017

With a history dating back to 1931 and a statewide footprint unsurpassed by any other credit union, generations of St. Joseph County residents have chosen Teachers Credit Union to grow their personal and professional lives. Those connections (and often friendships) stretch beyond our traditional banking platforms. The impact TCU Insurance Agent Cheryl Perkins has made in the St. Joseph County area during her 15 years with us is a strong example and reinforced by her recent recognition in the South Bend Tribune’s annual “Reader’s Choice” voting. The August announcement, which occurred the month prior to September’s annual designation as National Insurance Month, marked the third consecutive year the lifelong Mishawaka resident  has been voted No. 1.

Cheryl’s tenure in northern Indiana and within the insurance industry, she says, are keys to her success. Her colleagues, however, say that’s just the tip of the iceberg when describing her achievements.

“Cheryl loves the challenge of finding the right coverage for the right price for clients,” says Linda Swanson, TCU Insurance Agency customer service manager. “She is very personable and takes the time to make sure she is covering all the risk factors.”

Steve Neeser, president of TCU Insurance, expands on Linda’s perspective, saying, “Cheryl has a tremendous knack for viewing a client’s situation from a variety of perspectives. If a client needs her to be a voice of reason and wisdom from, say, a mother’s perspective, a sister, a neighbor – Cheryl can do that. She’s simply great at relating to people which results in a first-rate customer service experience.”

Cheryl is also quick to point out TCU’s infrastructure of regular interaction with members at the branches gives her a leg-up on other insurance professionals.

“Agents outside TCU don’t have the benefit we do of potential referrals walking through the door and having conversations with tellers and branch managers,” she says. “It’s a great team atmosphere that TCU Members pick-up on right away.”

Cheryl has always been passionate about schools and education – befitting of a long-tenured TCU team member – and is a past Mishawaka Education Board member.


Online Enhancements, Improved Experience

October 3, 2017

On October 5, 2017 when TCU Members log-in to TCU Internet or Mobile Banking they'll notice a new look and enhancements designed to improve their experience. Benefits include:

  • New home page design allows one to customize and group their accounts,
  • Make quick transfers directly from the home page,
  • Seamlessly transition between devices with integrated bill pay,
  • Touch  ID login now available for Android Mobile users.

Note: Android and iOS Mobile users will need to update the TCU Mobile App on their device. If the iOS App does not work after you update it, we suggest you delete and reinstall it. iOS Mobile users currently enrolled in Touch ID will need to re-enroll after updating the app. It is easy to do from the sign-in page. 

On Wednesday, Oct. 4 starting at 10 p.m. EST our internet banking platform will be offline as this upgrade is uploaded. The outage is expected to last for approximately four hours.

Contact the TCU Member Call Center at (800) 552-4745 if you have questions about this upgrade.


Elkhart-area Service Center Relocates

September 11, 2017

The Teachers Credit Union service center located near Concord Mall has moved to a new location: 4574 Elkhart Road from its previous location 206 Concord Mall Drive. This full-service spot includes a drive-up ATM and our team looks forward to continuing to serve you. Look for it nestled in-between neighbors Panara Bread and Starbucks. Service center hours are Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. on Fridays and 9 a.m.-12noon on Saturdays. A soft launch will occur Sept. 12-15 with games and food for visitors to the branch followed by a bevy of activity the week of Sept. 25 highlighted by a ribbon-cutting ceremony Sept. 28 in support of Safe Kids of Elkhart County. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for complete details (@TCUnet).


How to Protect Your Information Online

September 8, 2017


There are more reasons than ever to understand how to protect your personal information, as major website breaches become ever more frequent. On Sept. 7 Equifax, one of the three main credit reporting agencies, said that identifying information for 143 million customers had potentially been compromised.

Teachers Credit Union reports its member loans to Equifax and we pull information from it when evaluating loan applications. Here are some routine questions you should ask yourself regarding management of your personal information:

Q: How do I know if my personal information has been taken?

A: Unfortunately, you may want to assume that it was. Cyberattacks happen all the time. As for this most recent Equifax breach, the company is directing consumers to its website to see whether their information had been stolen.

Q: What if I’m certain my data has been stolen from Equifax?

A: Set yourself up with fraud alerts in case someone tries to apply for credit in your name. To be safe, do this at all three credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Q: Should I change my passwords?

A: Regardless of the type of breach or the company involved, it’s always a safe bet to change passwords for sites that contain sensitive information like financial, health or credit card data. Do not use the same password across multiple sites and do not use your Social Security number as a username or password, especially in the wake of the recent Equifax breach.

And if you were not doing so already, you will have to treat everything you receive online with an abundance of suspicion, in case hackers are trying to trick you out of even more information.

Q: Are passwords enough?

A: Passwords are not enough. If a site offers additional security features, like secondary or two-factor authentication, enable them. Then, when you enter your password, you will receive a message (usually a text) with a one-time code that you must enter before you can log in.


TCU’s top priority is the overall protection of its members and staff. We continue to follow all government regulations to help protect our members’ information from being obtained or used fraudulently.

Members of TCU Advantage Checking and TCU World Checking, as are those who use the TCU Debit MasterCard are eligible for our ID Protect program which provides credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and credit card protection. Be sure to register for their benefits so you are protected with an additional level of security. TCU Advantage Checking and TCU World Checking, and TCU Debit MasterCard users are also eligible for cell phone protection.

The Teachers Credit Union Member Call Center can be reached Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m., and 8 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturdays by calling toll-free (800) 552-4745 or (574) 284-6247.


TCU Expands Mishawaka Location to Better Serve Members

August 14, 2017


Bigger. Better.

Our Meijer Service Center at 3610 Bremen Highway in Mishawaka, Ind. is now full-service so we can better assist Teachers Credit Union members. Stop in to open an account, apply for a loan, and take care of all of your financial needs. We are here for you weekdays 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Please join us at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, August 18 for a ribbon cutting ceremony then enjoy a long list of grand reopening celebration special events Aug. 21-Sept. 1.


During our celebration days, Aug. 21-Sept. 1, at this SR331 location, receive a $25 Visa Gift Card when you open a new checking account.

Aug. 18 – register to win Meijer gift cards

Aug. 21 – TCU Plinko™ for prizes that include Starbucks gift cards (10 a.m.-Noon and 3-5:30 p.m.)

Aug. 22 – Lollipop Tree for a chance to win a Meijer gift card (10 a.m.-Noon and 3-5:30 p.m.)

Aug. 23 – Cookie Day

Aug. 24 – Duck Pond game where you’ll win a prize for selecting the right rubber ducky (10 a.m.-Noon and 3-5:30 p.m.)

Aug. 25 – TCU Trivia where the more you know about us the bigger the prize you could win

All prizes are while supplies last. 


Teachers Credit Union Pledges $300,000 to Mishawaka Schools

July 25, 2017


In support of School City of Mishawaka’s mission of growing leaders in a culture of excellence, South Bend-based Teachers Credit Union and the Mishawaka Education Foundation have announced a 10-year partnership that will include a $300,000 commitment over 10 years from TCU to the Foundation. The pledge is for the use and benefit of the foundation, and school corporation’s academics, athletics and media arts programs. Also included is a cash management agreement between TCU and Mishawaka Schools. 

The proposal was introduced and approved at the July 25 Mishawaka Schools board meeting and the agreement establishes TCU as the Official Financial Services Provider for the school district. The agreement goes into effect August 1, 2017.

In consideration for the gift, a revolutionary new learning environment coming to the district’s John Young Middle School will be named the TCU Innovation Lab. Students and the community will be invited to explore a wider range of technology including professional-standard software applications where learners will be encouraged to adapt, expand, connect and collaborate.

“Our commitment to communities, students and educators is unwavering,” said Paul Marsh, President and CEO of Teachers Credit Union, Indiana’s largest credit union. “We are especially excited about the TCU Innovation Lab where personalized learning and intrinsic motivation will engage students of all ages, interests and abilities.”

The cash management element of the agreement is as innovative as the Lab itself. It will increase interest earnings for Mishawaka Schools by approximately $10,000 per month or $1.2 million over 10 years. “Anytime we can earn additional dollars for our teachers and the educational programs we offer students, it is a win for the whole community,” said Dr. Theodore Stevens, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. 

Teachers Credit Union is also a longtime supporter of Mishawaka Schools as sponsor of its annual Teacher Recognition Dinner, athletics and is an authorized 403b provider. 


Helping Build Next-Generation Services For TCU Members

July 18, 2017

Teachers Credit Union has made a Class A $3 million investment in Constellation Digital Partners, LLC and its new revolutionary financial technology software platform. The announcement marks the largest individual credit union investor to date, by assets.
Constellation launched May 2, 2017 and is designed to deliver a groundbreaking software platform solution that will transform the future of digital banking for credit unions and members. Constellation is building out its cloud-based financial services marketplace and platform that will allow credit unions and members to choose which services to use inside of a secure banking experience.
“We are thrilled to partner with Teachers Credit Union to bring Constellation to life”, said Constellation CEO Kristopher Kovacs. “Credit unions are under extreme pressure from both members and existing service providers as they try and build next-generation services for members. That pressure resulted in the “fusion”, which became the Constellation Digital Services Platform.” 
To date, seven other credit union partners spanning nationwide and now totalling $16.3 billion in assets, have invested in the platform. In total, the credit unions represent a vast user base of more than 1.4 million members. TCU assets and members total more than $3 billion and 290,000.
About Constellation Digital Partners, LLC:
Constellation is developing a patented, secure and flexible cloud-based marketplace that enables upper to mid-tier credit unions and innovative app developers to provide safe, reliable, and next-generation digital financial service experiences while giving the freedom to compete, innovate, and thrive in the financial services industry. Constellation will redefine what credit unions offer, delivering digital financial services in a way that enables them to place members at the center of their business strategy. Visit www.constellation.coop to learn more. 

Niles “Christmas in June” Food Drive the Best Thing since Sliced Bread

June 27, 2017

A little red kettle coupled with a kindhearted individual’s unceasing bell ringing conjures an image of ________.

Helping feed, clothe, comfort and care for the less fortunate during the cold, dark snowy months likely comes to mind via the iconic wintertime program run by the Salvation Army. But what about keeping food pantries well-stocked the rest of the year?

The reality is organizations such as United Way of Southwest Michigan that help groups like the Salvation Army often find their food stores depleted by summertime. Adding to their angst is the reality that underserved children who often rely on lunches and healthy snacks served at school during the academic year go hungry in the summer months if not for the generosity of groups like United Way.

The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food is known as food insecurity and an estimated 13.1 million U.S. children suffer from it – 1 in 5 in Berrien and Cass counties near Niles, Michigan.

Last week, however, United Way of Southwest Michigan held its inaugural “Christmas in June” Food Drive to combat the epidemic. Leveraging the heightened awareness toward philanthropy during the holidays coupled with imagery of a summertime Santa Claus, the event goal was to inspire Niles-area businesses to collect non-perishable food items for area food banks.

The Teachers Credit Union Service Center in Niles as well as the area’s TCU Insurance Agency were two of 37 businesses to collect items. Niles media reports the campaign has collected more than 15,000 items that will positively impact well over 100 families. TCU Team members reported large quantities of soup, flour, sugar and cereal as a sampling of items placed in their donation bins.

With several hundred employees living and working across Indiana and southwest Michigan, TCU remains proud to partner to help improve the communities in which we serve. 


Tips to Protect Against ATM & Other Skimming Fraud

June 21, 2017

Teachers Credit Union encourages its members to be on the lookout for “skimming devices” placed on ATMs by thieves in an attempt to steal debit card numbers and PINs. Skimming fraud remains a threat nationwide to consumers at many locations, not just ATMs.

Here are some common questions, answers and tips about ATM safety.

How can I tell if an ATM has a skimmer?
Take note of anything that looks unusual, particularly the slot where the card is inserted. If the fixture wiggles, or appears to be attached with glue, that’s an indication that a skimming device is attached. Skimmers are also a big problem at gas station pumps and it’s often difficult to detect skimmers at those locations because they are increasingly installed inside the pumps. TCU Members are encouraged to be vigilant in keeping track of their account activity to note any unfamiliar transactions.

Will I get stolen money back if my card is skimmed?
In most cases, yes. Under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, consumers generally aren’t liable for funds stolen from their account through fraud like skimming, as long as it’s reported within 60 days. If compromised, TCU Members should immediately contact us and fill out a TCU Fraudulent Card Affidavit.
There is a possibility you could be without cash for a few days in some situations, while the financial institution investigates and new credit/debit cards are issued. For that reason, if you are a frequent debit card user, you may want to keep a separate savings account so you have backup funds available in case there’s a delay in restoring stolen cash.

How can you avoid having your card skimmed?
You can reduce the risk when using ATMs by covering the keypad with your free hand while entering your PIN. This prevents “shoulder surfing” – in which someone behind you watches you enter your PIN – or having the number recorded by an illegal camera.

In addition to our employees checking TCU ATMs multiple times daily, we ask for your help by immediately reporting to us or the police anything that seems out of the ordinary during an ATM transaction.

The safety and security of our members, our staff and their information is our top priority at Teachers Credit Union. Incidents such as ATM skimmers are treated with the utmost urgency.

TCU Member Call Center Representatives can be reached Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday at 574-284-6247 and toll free at 800-552-4745.


Buyer Beware!!!!

June 12, 2017

Many investment clients are being told by their financial advisors that the Department of Labor is requiring that IRA investors MUST move their IRAs to a fee-based account. Here at TCU Investment Services, most of our advisors are Certified Financial Planners and we already hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard to always work in your best interest.

Though a fee based account can be a good option, we do not believe in a one-sized fit all approach to retirement investing. If you hear from a financial advisor that you should move your retirement investments into a fee based account, please give TCU Investment Services a call so you can receive a second opinion and learn about our numerous investment options to help you gain a secure retirement. 

(800) 756-6210

Find a TCU Investment Service Representative near you

Securities sold, advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), member http://www.finra.org/ , http://www.sipc.org/ a registered broker/dealer and investment advisor. CBSI is under contract with the financial institution to make securities available to members. Not NCUA/NCUSIF/FDIC insured, May Lose Value, No Financial Institution Guarantee. Not a deposit of any financial institution.  Trust services available through MEMBERS Trust Company. *The CFP certification marks are not affiliated with CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc.  FR-1713265.1-0217-0319


Check Out Our New Look in Valparaiso!

June 2, 2017

Join us for a week of fun June 5-9 at the TCU Valparaiso Service Center located at 2600 Roosevelt Road as we celebrate some new features designed to serve our members even better.
Open a new Checking Account or new Membership and receive a $25 Visa® Gift Card! 
TCU Mortgage, Insurance and Financial Services experts will be available to serve all visitors.

9:00-4:00   Trivia & Prizes! Planning for your financial future? Show off your knowledge and you could win a $25 gift card!
                Cookies & Punch (ALL DAY)

8:30-9:30   Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
1:00-3:00   Meet those who keep our communities safe. Indiana State Police will be on-site handing out goodie bags to kids
                 that includes a fun finger printing kit
                 Cookies & Punch (ALL DAY)

11:00-2:00   Meet furry friends from Lakeshore Paws animal rescue shelter
                  Cookies & Punch (ALL DAY)

9:00-4:00   Trivia & Prizes! Planning for your financial future? Show off your knowledge and you could win a $25 gift card!
                Cookies & Punch (ALL DAY)

1:00-3:00   Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Shoppe serving free treats!
1:00-4:00   Meet Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”, Free Face Painting & Free Balloon Animals
                 Popcorn & Cotton Candy (ALL DAY)
                 Cookies & Punch (ALL DAY)


Forging Strong Relationships -- TCU's Rickey Miller Stands Out in Niles, Mich.

May 25, 2017

At its core a chamber of commerce is the place for community and businesses to work together and strive for prosperity. Playing a key role in that mission in Niles, Michigan, is Teachers Credit Union Business Services Relationship Officer Rickey Miller who was recently recognized by the Four Flags Area Chamber as its Ambassador of the Year.

Four Flags Chamber ambassadors are liaisons between members and chamber staff. They help ensure chamber members maximize their chamber benefits, encourage members to attend chamber functions, and assist with year-round chamber events. Miller’s distinction distinguishes his excellence in fulfilling those duties. Miller has been a part of the Four Flags Chamber for 11 years and is well-known as one of its most active members. In 2013 Miller also received the Four Flags Chamber Ambassador of the Year Award.

In his role with TCU, Miller is responsible for identifying and developing regional business and commercial account relationships with current and potential businesses including school corporations, municipalities and non-profit organizations.

“I really enjoy being part of the ambassador program because it keeps me connected to the community,” said Miller. “I have the opportunity to share the great benefits TCU offers while also learn about new and existing businesses, and that allows me to determine if a business or its employees can benefit from TCU’s many products and services such as traditional banking, mortgage, insurance, investments, commercial lending and travel services.”

The City of Niles is known as Four Flags because during the 17th and 18th centuries the flags of France, England, Spain and the United States were unfurled as each, in turn, took possession of the surrounding territory.

The concept of a chamber of commerce in the United States dates back to the birth of our country in New York in 1768, and according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce the idea of a national institution to represent the unified interests of U.S. business first took shape under the leadership of President William Howard Taft in 1912. Globally the chamber movement can be traced back to France in the late 16th century. 


TCU Changing Lives in Valparaiso

May 18, 2017

The Habitat for Humanity mantra is about changing lives. Most likely believe it’s in reference to the impact of an underserved family having the opportunity to purchase extremely affordable, new housing. But speak to a volunteer at a Habitat build site and they are also likely to gush about how their life has changed thanks to the very unique “give back” experience.

A recent life-changing experience occurred on May 9 for more than a dozen Teachers Credit Union team members who volunteered at a Habitat build in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Stephany Meredith, Valpo’s Roosevelt Road TCU service center manager, led the group on their first-ever Habitat build in Porter County, Indiana. One of the many unique aspects of a Habitat build is the homeowner is at the site daily and works side-by-side with volunteers and supervisors so a heartfelt connection is immediate between everyone involved.

This build became especially meaningful to Stephany when she got to know the homeowner, Tina, a single mother to a daughter, and discovered both women are Army veterans.

“In my typical work life the financial side of homeownership is at the forefront of my mind – trying to help secure a mortgage, for example,” Stephany said, “but to assemble the wall to someone’s house and actually work side-by-side with the eventual homeowner is amazingly rewarding.”

Habitat, is an international, non-governmental, and nonprofit organization. Habitat is devoted to building simple, decent, and affordable housing, and has addressed the issues of poverty housing all over the world. Since its inception in 1976 Habitat has helped more than 4 million people construct, rehabilitate or preserve more than 800,000 homes.

In Porter County, Habitat works with low-income families to improve their lives and grant them a new home with a low, interest free, mortgage.

TCU is proud to sponsor this Porter County Habitat build.


TCU Service Center Manager: Among Best Young Professionals 

May 18, 2017

Recognized for business growth excellence, creativity, initiative, engagement in the community and a commitment to good business practices, Bethaney Bauman, Teachers Credit Union Service Center Manager in Rochester, Indiana, was recently awarded the 2016 Fulton County Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Award.

Bethaney has been a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors since 2013 where she has served as president and vice president. She has been treasurer of the Fulton County 4-H Fair Association since 2012, and treasurer Fulton County Promise Steering Committee since 2016. Bethaney is also an active volunteer with Feed My Starving Children, Junior Achievement, Miracle Tree, National FFA Organization, and Special Olympics. In addition she is a youth soccer coach and volunteers at her church.

To be eligible for the Fulton County Chamber’s Young Professionals Award one must be between ages 25-40. Nominees are individuals who are viewed as role models for other young professionals and possess a vision and passion to mentor and lead others.

This month Bethaney is celebrating her 1-year anniversary at the helm of the Rochester TCU Service Center. 


Indiana High Schools Among Nation's Best at Preparing Youth For Financial Literacy

New TCU Financial Empowerment Program Making Large Strides in Second Year in Indiana Schools

April 11, 2017

Late last month the National Financial Educators Council announced the results of a National Literacy Test that measured teens’ ability to earn, save, and grow their finances, and Indiana tested third-highest in the nation. (Test results link.)

The results are well-timed in conjunction with a new program in more than 100 Indiana high schools – the Teachers Credit Union Financial Empowerment Program. In just its second year, the program was celebrated on April 11, on TCU Court inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse, home of the Indiana Pacers, as part of Financial Literacy Month in association with Teachers Credit Union Foundation and the Pacers Foundation. Approximately 200 guests attended.

Elaine Bedel, president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, was the keynote speaker where she praised the TCU Financial Empowerment Program in her remarks that focused on the importance of starting early when planning for retirement. TCU President and CEO Paul Marsh was also a featured speaker.

Another highlight of the April 11 program that featured a breakfast and fundraiser to beneift the TCU Foundation and Pacers Foundation was the debut of a video about the TCU Financial Empowerment Program (click here). A second brief video that launched when the program debuted a year ago is available here


TCU Executive Recognized Among Michiana's Top Young Business and Professional Leaders

April 7, 2017

Teachers Credit Union Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Dan Rousseve has been named to the South Bend Regional Chamber’s 2017 Class of the Michiana Forty Under 40 which recognizes regional business and professional leaders who have achieved success before the age of 40.

Nominees are selected for their business accomplishments, community involvement and distinct achievements, awards and other special recognition(s). The program is an annual collaborative effort between the South Bend Regional Chamber, the Young Professionals Network South Bend, and other partners in the Michiana region. This year marks the 11th class of honorees which now tops 400.

Rousseve joined South Bend-based TCU in 2011 and today is responsible for the information technology strategy and computer systems, and oversees a total of 12 separate business units within the growing $3 billion organization. Rousseve (pronounced: Receive), age 34, serves on multiple boards of directors including Downtown South Bend Inc. and volunteers at St. Pius X Catholic Church (Granger, Ind.).

TCU is Indiana’s largest credit union with 55 branches throughout the state of Indiana and Southwest Michigan and more than 290,000 members.

This year’s Michiana Forty Under 40 program will be capped with a recognition luncheon on Tuesday, May 16 at the Gillespie Conference Center in South Bend.


TCU Expands Leadership Presence with Indiana Credit Union League

March 24, 2017

Two Teachers Credit Union employees were recently elected to leadership positions with the Indiana Credit Union League.

Andy Goffeney, business development officer, has been elected president of the St. Joseph Valley Chapter which covers St Joseph, Marshall, Elkhart, and Kosciusko Counties. Meanwhile, Lindsay Wirtz, another TCU business development officer, has been elected to ICUL’s Central Indiana chapter.

The Indiana Credit Union League is the trade association representing Indiana credit unions and serves more than 2 million Hoosiers. The League helps credit unions succeed in many ways including through advocacy efforts that protect and further credit union interests; by offering consultation, legislative and regulatory support to credit unions; and by providing public relations, operational and technical assistance, education and training.

In their roles with TCU in northern Indiana and the Indianapolis area, respectively, Goffeney and Wirtz are responsible for identifying and developing regional business and commercial account relationships with current and potential businesses including school corporations, municipalities and non-profit organizations.

Goeffeney has been with TCU since 1998 and Wirtz since 2000.


Warsaw High Gymnasium Named Tiger Den TCU Court

Teachers Credit Union and Warsaw Community Schools Team-up on 10-Year Naming Rights Agreement

(March 21, 2017) – The highest-profile athletic venue in Kosciusko County is taking on a new name. The Warsaw High gymnasium has been renamed the Tiger Den TCU Court thanks to a 10-year naming rights agreement between Warsaw Community Schools and South Bend-based Teachers Credit Union.

Revenue from the partnership will support the school corporation’s mission to inspire and equip all students to continuously acquire and apply knowledge and skills while pursuing their dreams and enriching the lives of others.

Signage noting the name change will be installed both outside and inside the building and Tiger Den TCU Court will appear in all Warsaw Community Schools written and promotional materials.

The building hosts a vast array of events and athletic competitions year-round but is best-known as the home of the Warsaw Tigers basketball program. In a state known for its fanatical popularity of high school basketball, the 4,704-seat facility ranks in the top-third of Indiana’s largest prep gyms.

“Warsaw has a proud history of athletic and academic excellence and Teachers Credit Union is excited to serve and contribute to the area’s rich traditions and wide variety of victories,” said Teachers Credit Union President and CEO Paul Marsh.

In addition to the naming rights agreement, Warsaw High’s Career Center also recently registered in the TCU Financial Empowerment Program. The free curriculum engages high school students with a unique, web-driven financial literacy program developed by teachers and personal finance experts. The curriculum teaches students critical thinking skills needed to ensure a lifetime of smart financial decisions.

"Warsaw Community Schools’ strategic priorities include partnering with local business to enhance services we offer our staff, students, and community as well as maintaining our commitment to fiscal responsibility,” said Board President Heather Reichenbach. “Beyond current support within our corporation, this expanded collaboration with Teachers Credit Union increases efficiencies in operations and allows the district to leverage its resources as we continue to provide an excellent educational experience for our children and our community."

School District Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert added, “Warsaw Community Schools is extremely excited to expand our business and community relationship with Teachers Credit Union. A key initiative within the WCS strategic plan is to identify and foster key local partnerships. TCU has been a long-standing supporter of our students, teachers, schools and local community. This partnership expands our banking collaboration and recognizes the support provided by TCU.”

The largest credit union in Indiana, Warsaw is home to three of TCU’s 55 branches – 2890 Frontier Drive, 1150 Husky Trail, and 108 East Winona Avenue. 


Teachers Credit Union Makes a Splash at March 4 Polar Plunge

On March 4, Indianapolis-area Teachers Credit Union Service team members will support Special Olympics Indiana by joining the fun of the annual Polar Plunge. This extreme fundraising event is not for the faint of heart but rather the warm at heart.

Hundreds of brave souls will take an icy dip to demonstrate their commitment to the cause, and TCU will staff the registration tables offering direction and encouragement.

Participants must raise a “bear” minimum of $75 to take a daring dip into the winter waters at Eagle Creek Reservoir. Saturday’s fun gets underway at 8 a.m.

Special Olympic Indiana’s mission is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, offering them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

To date, the organization’s signature fundraiser has raised more than $3 million including a record $690,232 in 2016.

Each year TCU team members volunteer thousands of hours giving back to dozens of local charities and fundraisers.

“The encouragement we receive to give back in our local communities starts at the very top of our company and is one of the aspects I like best about working for Teachers Credit Union,” said Service Center Manager Lauren Larson and helps oversee TCU’s participation in the plunge.

To learn more about the Polar Plunge visit www.polarplungeIN.org.


Teachers Credit Union Receives National Recognition for Efforts Empowering Youth via Financial Literacy Program

March 2, 2017
After just one year, the Teachers Credit Union (TCU) Financial Empowerment program has caught the attention of TCU’s peers on a national scale.

On March 1, TCU’s signature financial literacy program was recognized with a Credit Union National Association Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award (named after credit union pioneer Alphonse Desjardins). CUNA created the Desjardins Youth and Adult Financial Education Awards program to recognize leadership within the credit union movement on behalf of financial literacy for all ages. The award was accepted by Teachers Credit Union President and CEO Paul Marsh and Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Dan Rousseve during the annual CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, DC.

The TCU Financial Empowerment program is a free curriculum that quickly engages students in high school with a unique, web-driven financial literacy program developed by teachers and personal finance experts. The curriculum teaches students critical thinking skills needed to ensure a lifetime of smart financial decisions. Since its inception in September 2015, adoption of the program has been rapid and currently operates in more than 100 Indiana high schools. The program is powered by FoolProof™ and underwritten by Teachers Credit Union and the TCU Foundation.

“Teachers Credit Union is extremely proud of the progress we’ve made in a short time impacting financial literacy among the youth of Indiana,” said Marsh. “Our goal as a financial institution is to empower the future leaders of our community with the skills they need to be successful in their personal and professional lives.”

Teachers Credit Union donates $5,000 to Fulton County Promise

Feb. 9, 2017 – As college costs continue to rise at a pace that exceeds inflation, Teachers Credit Union (TCU) today presented a check for $5,000 to the Fulton County Promise in an effort to assist financially and help raise awareness among parents about the importance of saving for post-secondary education.
At a ceremony at Columbia Elementary School, Karol Griffin, executive director of the TCU Foundation, and Bethaney Bauman, TCU manager of the Rochester Service Center, presented the check to Stacey Schoenhals, coordinator of the Fulton County Promise. TCU’s donation will be used to match donations made to students’ 529 plans.
529 Plan is an education, tax-advantage savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to encourage saving for college costs. 
The Promise is a distinctly ‘Hoosier’ state-wide initiative of comprehensive activities for youth and families to build hope for their future and create a community college-going culture. It is owned by community leaders, crafted to align with the state’s aspirations, and rooted in localities’ particular understandings of what is required to set all of their children on a path to educational success.
“Thanks to the generosity of Teachers Credit Union, the Fulton County Promise can add value to the Rochester-area educational ecosystem by connecting teachers and families and uniting the efforts and talents of diverse individuals and organizations to support college-going culture,” said Schoenhals.
“The Fulton County Promise connects the kindergarten teacher with, say, the high school AP English teacher because now they’re all helping kids dream about their future in a very consistent way.”
The average student loan debt at graduation is growing steadily according to the College Board, and seven in 10 seniors who graduated in 2015 had student loan debt that exceeded $30,000 per borrower according to the Project of Student Loan Debt.
Closer to home, research in an area near Rochester recently showed one in four residents had a degree after high school and only 6 percent of students at that time had a college savings account, such as an Indiana College Choice 529 savings plan. Other research showed children with an Indiana College Choice 529 account were at least three times more likely to attend college and four times more likely to graduate.
“Teachers Credit Union wants to help shape the next generation in the communities where we serve our members through educational savings and college and career discovery,” said Griffin. “Today’s donation is the latest example of TCU’s commitment to be a financial benefit in the communities in which it is a part.”

About The Fulton County Promise
The goals of The Promise are to leverage the entire community to make it easy for families to begin saving for post-secondary education, to incentivize savings behavior with community matching funds, and to build college-saver identity for youth by exposing them to college and careers in the classroom and on campus. The Fulton County Promise helps reinforce parents' expectations for children's futures, fosters a community-wide culture and creates a saturation of savers. The Promise will realize success when all youth in Indiana have savings and champions from the community in their lives who support their dreams for the future.


TCU Debit Mastercard® expands to include Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay

Feb. 7, 2017 -- Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay are now open for use alongside Apple Pay™ for Teachers Credit Union Members who have a registered TCU Debit Mastercard®.

With a quick tap of one’s phone, members can use their TCU Debit MasterCard® to pay at over one million U.S. merchant locations that accept mobile payments. Members get all of the same benefits their card offers, including added protection of MasterCard Zero Liability®. Payment information is never shared with merchants or stored on a TCU Member’s device.

To register a TCU Debit Mastercard® to Apple Pay™, Android Pay™ or Samsung Pay, please call TCU’s Member Call Center at (800) 552-4745.

Be sure to look for the contactless symbol when you want to make in-store purchases.

More info…

Teachers Credit Union becomes first Indiana credit union to reach $3 billion in assets

January 2017

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) has announced its assets now exceed $3 billion. This places TCU in the top 1 percent nationally for asset size.

TCU leadership attributes this growth to a philosophy centered on superior member service, and reinforcement that its products and services are available to everyone. “We strive to provide the kind of support and services our members need to achieve financial success, not only today but for years to come,” said Paul Marsh, president and CEO of TCU.

Nationally, credit union memberships continue to rise as the demand for credit increases. Credit unions have comparatively lower fees and loan interest rates, and TCU is no exception as its strong loan growth remains a key factor in achieving this milestone.

In addition, membership rose 3.74 percent in 2016 throughout its 55 branches in Indiana and southwest Michigan. Currently, TCU has more than 290,000 members, which places TCU 38th nationally for membership. Many of these new members joined TCU as a result of referrals by current members who are happy with the service they receive.

“It’s so rewarding to share this exciting milestone with our members and team members. It’s our people that make TCU a great financial institution and it’s our members’ trust that has gotten us to this point.”

The foundation for this growth began in 1931 when a small group of teachers contributed a total of $67 to begin the credit union. In the 85 years since then, TCU has grown to become Indiana’s largest credit union, and now, one of the largest credit unions nationally.


Hammond Service Center relocates to 165th street

December 28, 2016

We’re excited to announce the opening today of our newest location in Hammond, IN. This new service center at 1918 165th Street will replace the previous location at 7020 Indianapolis Blvd. This new location will allow us to better serve the membership we’ve developed as part of the Hammond community. The service center will soon offer an ATM and Drive-Up service – amenities the previous location did not – as well as much-needed additional parking. Please visit us in our new center! We’re open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.



The Intriguing Post-Election Rally

December 2016

Provided by TCU Investment Services

Why did some sectors rise more than others? Wall Street likes certainty. When startling financial, political, or societal events occur, volatility usually follows, and the major indices may fall.

In late October, the Dow Jones Industrial Average went on a multi-day losing streak as Donald Trump caught up to Hillary Clinton in the polls tracking the presidential race. Wall Street had been anticipating a Clinton victory; suddenly, that looked less certain. The Dow gradually sank below 18,000. When Trump won, however, the Dow did not drop further. It rallied for seven days and notched four record closes.1,2

What sparked the Dow’s rally?  One, a new presumption of massive federal spending on infrastructure and defense. In August, Trump pledged he would “at least double” Clinton’s proposed federal stimulus if elected, which would mean committing more than $500 billion to repair the nation’s highways, bridges, and ports. He has also talked of greater military spending. Many, if not all, of the 30 companies making up the Dow could play significant roles in such efforts. Two, a Trump presidency is perceived as pro-business, with the potential for decreased regulation, renegotiated trade agreements, and tax cuts.2,3

The small caps also soared after Trump’s win.  The Russell 2000 advanced 9% during November 9-17, leading some investors to wonder what the small caps had in common with the record-setting blue chips. The quick answer is that these small-cap firms have greater exposure to the U.S. economy than they do to foreign economies. Bulls believe that these firms will be particularly well positioned if infrastructure spending increases.4  
Why did the S&P 500 & Nasdaq Composite lag the Dow & the Russell?  The S&P rose 1.8% from November 9-17. This returned the index to the level at which it had been for most of the third quarter.4,5

A closer look at the S&P’s recent performance reveals a striking gap between its industry groups. Its financial sector climbed 10% in the eight days after Trump’s victory, aided by hopes for friendlier bank regulation in the new administration. By November 15, its YTD performance was 17% better than that of the S&P’s worst-performing sector, utilities. This degree of difference had not been seen in the index since 2009. Basically, a major rotation happened, taking invested assets out of certain sectors and into other sectors presumed to benefit from the policies of a Trump presidency.2,6

Hearing about the Dow’s surge, some investors assumed their portfolios would see large, abrupt gains – but in any sector rotation, money flows away from some industry groups toward others. In the three days after Trump’s victory, the Dow had gained 2.81%; the S&P, 1.16%; and the Nasdaq, 0.84%. While the Dow is only comprised of 30 companies, the S&P and the Nasdaq are much broader benchmarks, exponentially larger in their scope. Both the Nasdaq and the S&P contain many tech companies – and, broadly speaking, Silicon Valley was not high on Trump.7 

Investors scratching their heads at recent portfolio performance would also do well to remember that large caps are just one of six asset classes. The gains for U.S. equities stood out globally after the election; there were losses in emerging and developed markets abroad, and losses in the debt markets. As assets in many portfolios are allocated across various asset classes to try and manage risk, this helps to explain why many retail investors saw only small gains or no gains at all immediately after November 8. They were not invested merely in the member firms of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.7

Will this rally continue?  It’s difficult to say. As you know, history provides information of the past, and no assurance of future returns. While it’s possible that the new administration’s policies will bear out this goodwill, it’s also possible, after the administration convenes, that there is a new perspective. Time will tell.      

Securities sold, advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker/dealer and investment advisor. CBSI is under contract with the financial institution to make securities available to members.

Not NCUA/NCUSIF/FDIC insured, May Lose Value, No Financial Institution Guarantee. Not a deposit of any financial institution. 

This material was prepared by MarketingPro, Inc., and does not necessarily represent the views of the presenting party, nor their affiliates. This information has been derived from sources believed to be accurate. Please note - investing involves risk, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. The publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional services. If assistance is needed, the reader is advised to engage the services of a competent professional. This information should not be construed as investment, tax or legal advice and may not be relied on for the purpose of avoiding any Federal tax penalty. This is neither a solicitation nor recommendation to purchase or sell any investment or insurance product or service, and should not be relied upon as such. All indices are unmanaged and are not illustrative of any particular investment.

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Protecting Your Purchases with our Chip-Enhanced TCU Debit MasterCard®

Indiana September, 2016

At TCU, our members’ security is our highest priority and that is why we are reissuing members a new chip-enhanced TCU Debit MasterCard®. The state of the art technology offered through the chip-enhanced cards is intended to significantly improve protection against fraud, providing members with enhanced security.

Over the next several months, chip-enhanced cards will be mailed to members, replacing their current magnetic stripe card(s). Please Note: The process to reissue new chip-enhanced cards to all members will continue through the spring of 2017. If you plan on traveling, please consider requesting a chip-enhanced card before your trip by visiting your local TCU Service Center or calling the TCU Member Call Center at 800-552-4745.

 More Secure and Easy to Use! 

  • Enhanced Security. When used at a chip-activated terminal, the card generates a one-time transaction code that provides one of the most secure purchase experiences possible. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps prevent debit card fraud.
  • Global Acceptance. Chip Card technology has been used globally for over a decade and will become the standard in the US, providing the most advanced, secure technology available worldwide.

Learn more at tcunet.com/debitcard


 How Will the Market Respond After the Election?

November 2016

We may see some volatility, but equilibrium could quickly be restored.  

What will happen on Wall Street after November 8? We can shrug and say, “who knows,” and that simple answer may be as good as any other. Trying to predict which way the market will go is difficult, even when it comes to a single trading session. All that said, investors may take some cues from the result of the presidential election and push stocks in one direction or another.
Could there be a market shock? The biggest stock market disruptor so far in 2016 has been the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. That late June development erased the entire year-to-date advance of the S&P 500 – but the S&P recovered quickly, gaining back its losses by the start of July in a textbook example of stock market resilience. The index rallied for several weeks thereafter.1
The market appears to be pricing in a Clinton win. A Trump win would defy quite a few political forecasts – and perhaps affect Wall Street in a way similar to the Brexit vote. 
One forecasting firm, Macroeconomic Advisers, has put out a bold prediction: it believes that the S&P 500 could rise 4% in the near term after a Clinton win, while a Trump win would bring on a 7-8% descent. The Brookings Institute – a research and public policy think tank, not a market analytics firm – feels a Trump victory would prompt a correction. Overseas markets might also slump significantly in reaction to an oncoming Trump presidency, as Trump’s image outside the U.S. is largely unfavorable.1,2
Regardless of who wins, some immediate volatility would not be unusual. Bespoke Investment Group, a very respected provider of market data, finds that the S&P 500 has seesawed in the days surrounding recent presidential elections. The common pattern is a rally on Election Day; then, a pullback the next day, averaging around 1%. An extreme example of this behavior came in 2008, when the index rose 4% on Election Day (Barack Obama was the heavy favorite that year), then fell 5.3% a day later.2
What does history tell us could happen in the months ahead? Understanding that past performance is not indicative of future success (or failure), we see that the performance of the S&P has varied widely on such occasions. In 2012, the index was flat for the rest of the year after the election; the next year, the S&P rose 30%. In 2008, the S&P fell 10% after the election. Then it advanced 23% in 2009. In 2004, a 7% rally after the re-election of George W. Bush was followed by only a 3% gain in 2005. In 2000, an 8% post-election retreat for the S&P preceded a 13% fall for the index in 2001. From numbers like that, we can only conclude that stock market behavior is hard to predict.
The election is an event on a timeline. Wall Street’s reaction to it, positive or negative, will likely be old news within weeks, if not days. The Federal Reserve’s December policy statement may make bigger waves. Take whatever occurs in stride, knowing that it is but a page in the long story of Wall Street. One market moment should not lead you to rethink your approach or your commitment to saving and investing for your long-term goals.

Our professional and experienced financial advisors can be reached at (800) 756-6210.
This material was prepared by MarketingPro, Inc., and does not necessarily represent the views of the presenting party, nor their affiliates. This information has been derived from sources believed to be accurate. Please note - investing involves risk, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. The publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional services. If assistance is needed, the reader is advised to engage the services of a competent professional. This information should not be construed as investment, tax or legal advice and may not be relied on for the purpose of avoiding any Federal tax penalty. This is neither a solicitation nor recommendation to purchase or sell any investment or insurance product or service, and should not be relied upon as such. All indices are unmanaged and are not illustrative of any particular investment.
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Brexit could represent a crack in the foundation of the EU. Economists believe it might produce a recession in the U.K., and when one economy slumps, there are always regional and international consequences.1

Grand Opening - Mishawaka


South Bend, IN June, 2016


TCU Financial Empowerment Program

South Bend, IN April, 2016

We are pleased to announce the TCU Financial Empowerment Program has expanded!

The TCU Financial Empowerment Program provides our youth (through our partnerships with local schools), TCU Team Members, TCU Members and community members has been enhanced to encompass adult on-line learning resources. The new “Community and Member” site provides financial literacy tools and resources for Adults, Young Adults and College Students.

The on-line financial education tools and resources are free to our members and communities, to empower them to make a lifetime of smart financial decisions.

We are thrilled to bring these resources to our team members, our youth, our membership, and the communities we serve!

Empower Your Financial Future Today!


TCU Visa® Credit Card Holders to Receive New Chip-Enhanced Cards

South Bend, IN April, 2016

This state of the art technology is intended to improve protection against fraud significantly providing our members with enhanced security. The TCU Visa® Credit Cards are the first within TCU’s suite of cards to offer this new more secure technology.

More Secure and Easy to Use!

  • Enhanced Security. When used at a chip-activated terminal, the card generates a one-time transaction code that ensures one of the most secure purchase experiences possible. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps prevent credit card fraud.
  • Global Acceptance. Chip Card technology has been used globally for over a decade and will become the standard in the US. TCU’s Visa® Chip Cards provide the most advanced, secure technology available worldwide.

Making a Purchase with Your New Chip Card is Easy!

  1. Insert the card into the card terminal, face up.
  2. Leave the card in the terminal.
  3. Sign the receipt to complete transaction.
  4. Remove the card.

If a merchant is not chip enabled, your card provides dual-technology to ensure you’re able to process your transaction by swiping your card, as you do today.

For more information click here!

Don’t have a TCU Visa® Credit Card? Apply today and receive a chip enabled card that offers you enhanced fraud protection!

Debit MasterCard® Update
We are currently working to transition chip technology to TCU’s Debit MasterCard®. We will continue to keep you informed as updates become available. As with any product made available to our members, security is our top priority.


Apple Pay™ is now available with TCU Visa® Credit Cards!

South Bend, IN December, 2015

Apple Pay™ provides members the convenience to make secure purchases with their phones wherever Visa® contactless payments are accepted. Members can begin using Apple Pay™ with the iPhone® 6 and higher, plus Apple Watch™, iPad Air® 2 and iPad mini™ 3.
Offering Apple Pay™ expands TCU’s offerings of electronic services to our members, as well as strengthens our emphasis of convenient and secure electronic services.
For more information on Apple Pay click here!
Don’t have a TCU Visa® Credit Card? Apply today and receive a chip enabled card that offers you enhanced fraud protection! For more information on chip cards click here!

Discount Tickets for Indianapolis Zoo Event, Christmas at the Zoo

Indianapolis, IN November, 2015

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) has announced a continued partnership with the Indianapolis Zoo’s annual event, Christmas at the Zoo.

In addition to being the event sponsor, Central Indiana TCU Service Centers will also be selling discounted tickets to Christmas at the Zoo to both TCU Members and potential members while supplies last. Ticket prices are $9.00 for adults and $7.50 for children ages 2-12. Children under 2 are free.

Event dates: Nov. 27-Jan.3, 2016, plus Dec. 21-23, 28-30 • 5-9pm
The Zoo is open from noon to 9pm, with event activities starting at 5pm. Come out to see some animals and watch as the lights come on to transform the Zoo into a winter wonderland.

TCU first joined as presenting partner in 2011, and we’re excited to continue this partnership. Click HERE to learn more about the Christmas at the Zoo events.

TCUniverse Article
As part of our sponsorship for the Indianapolis Zoo’s annual event, Christmas at the Zoo, all Central Indiana TCU Service Centers will be selling discount tickets for event admission. 
Tickets are on sale at Central Indiana Service Centers through the event’s conclusion, January 3, 2015.
The actual Christmas at the Zoo exhibit with Santa is November 27-Jan 3 Wednesday through Sunday, 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. plus December 21, 22, 28, 29. (Santa only present until December 23, Closed Christmas Eve & Day; New Year’s Eve & Day)
Discount Ticket Prices at Central Indiana TCU Service Centers: $9.00 for adults and $7.50 for children ages 2-12. Children under 2 are free.
Tickets must be purchased in the Service Centers and are available while supplies last.

Teachers Credit Union, Pacers Sports & Entertainment Create Unique Relationship

Financial Empowerment Tool for Teachers; Naming Rights to Practice Facility Included 

Indianapolis, IN  Sept, 29 2015

Pacers Sports & Entertainment and Teachers Credit Union have announced a unique partnership which allows both entities to continue their long-term commitment to community.  The most important element of the initiative is an exclusive, free program created for Indiana high school teachers to help teach financial empowerment.  The program will ensure that the youth of our communities will have access at no-cost to educational resources to prepare for their financial future.  

“I think this is one of the most important initiatives for our youth that I have seen,” said Rick Fuson, Pacers Sports & Entertainment President.  “We have to teach and help them become responsible in handling finances. TCU has stepped up with a program that clearly sets a game plan for that.”

"This partnership provides financial empowerment tools to our youth as well as the opportunity to make a significant impact in our communities" said Paul Marsh, President and CEO of TCU. "Hoosiers are faced with tough money decisions each and every day and they do not readily have access to the tools necessary to help prepare them to make those decisions. We have those tools; however to put them into the hands of our community members, it was essential we build a partnership with such a significant force in our community, the Indiana Pacers.”

The practice court at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, used by  both the Indiana Pacers and the Indiana Fever, will immediately be referred to as TCU Court as a byproduct of the partnership. .  

TCU’s primary goals for the program include integrating financial empowerment resources into the curriculum of area schools and building upon TCU’s commitment to be a financial benefit to its membership and the communities it serves. Pacers player, Rakeem Christmas will serve as the representative for the financial empowerment initiative in the community.


Chip Card Technology is coming to TCU’s Visa® Credit Card Suite!

South Bend, IN  Sept, 2015

We are pleased to announce that in October, we will begin issuing an even more secure TCU Visa® Credit Card with built-in chip technology.  This state of the art technology has been designed to increase protection against fraud significantly providing our members with even more enhanced security.

All new TCU Visa Credit Card holders will receive a new chip enhanced card and our current Visa Credit Card holders will receive a chip card in 2016.  The TCU Visa Credit Cards will be the first within TCU’s suite of cards to offer this new more secure technology.

More Secure and Easy to Use!

  • Enhanced Security. When used at a chip-activated terminal, the card generates a one-time code that ensures one of the most secure purchase experiences possible. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps prevent credit card fraud.
  • Global Acceptance. Chip Card technology has been used globally for over a decade and will become the standard in the U.S TCU’s Visa Chip Cards provide the most advanced, secure technology available worldwide.

How to Use at a Chip Enabled Terminal

  1. Insert the card into the card terminal, face up.
  2. Leave the card in the terminal.
  3. Sign the receipt to complete transaction.
  4. Remove the card.

If a merchant is not chip enabled, your card provides dual-technology to ensure you’re able to process your transaction by swiping your card, as you do today.

For more information click here!

Don’t have a TCU Visa Platinum Card? Apply today and receive a chip enabled card that offers you enhanced fraud protection!  

Debit MasterCard Update
We are currently working to transition chip technology to TCU’s Debit MasterCard®. We will continue to keep you informed as updates become available. As with any product made available to our members, security is our top priority.


New Location for New Albany Service Center is Now Open!

New Albany, IN  Sept, 2015

We are excited to announce the opening of our new service center at 3308 Grant Line Road, which is less than a half mile north of the previous location. This new service center provides members with amenities not found at the previous location including drive up and ATM accessibility.

Beginning October 19th, there will be a week-long grand opening celebration featuring prizes and giveaways.

The hours of the 3308 Grant Line Road Service Center are as follows:

Mon-Thursday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sat: 9:00-12:00pm

Please visit this new location in the New Albany community!


TCU Adds New Location in Hammond, IN

South Bend, IN  July, 2015

TCU, Indiana’s largest credit union, announces Lakeside Federal Credit Union is now a part of TCU as of July 17, 2015.

TCU will gain a new service center located at 7020 Indianapolis Blvd in Hammond, Indiana to help provide convenient service to its members and the former members of Lakeside Federal Credit Union.

Paul Marsh, President & CEO of TCU said, “The strategic acquisition of this new location will provide members of the Hammond community greater access to the convenient products and services TCU offers. We look forward to serving the needs of our members and potential members in this market and are excited about the opportunities this brings for both TCU and the community.”
TCU is pleased to expand its product lines to Lakeside Federal Credit Union members and the residents of Lake County. TCU is committed to offering a strong spirit of personal attention to members and service to the community, and it will be our top priority to ensure this happens in Hammond, Indiana.

About LFCU
Lakeside Federal Credit Union was federally chartered in 1950 to primarily serve the transportation industry. Lakeside Federal Credit Union currently has $9 million in assets.


Credit Union Groups and Educators Partner to Teach Kids Business Basics 

Indianapolis, IN  February, 2015

$15,000 in materials and training donated to area schools

The Indiana Credit Union Foundation, the TCU Foundation, the National Credit Union Foundation and Teachers’ Treasurers have come together to provide financial literacy resources that will benefit thousands of students in Central Indiana.
The groups will provide 250 DVD boxed sets of Biz Kid$, the Emmy Award-winning and credit union-funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship. In addition to the DVDs, companion materials – such as lesson plans, workbooks and teacher training – will be available to educators. The value of the materials and associated training is approximately $15,000.

Materials were distributed at Teachers’ Treasures on Jan. 24 to the 50 teachers in attendance. Team members of Teachers Credit Union (TCU) volunteered at this event to give a brief overview of Biz Kid$ and distribute the materials to teachers attending. The remaining materials will be distributed to schools throughout Marion County.
Biz Kid$ is a fun, business-based program aimed at student audiences and is produced by the same people who developed Bill Nye the Science Guy. The 5 episodes included in the distributed materials cover a variety of topics including what to do with money, saving, setting financial goals, budgeting and more.
“Credit unions have been involved with Biz Kid$ since it premiered in 2008. Nationally they have underwritten the production of five seasons of programming; and in Indiana, credit unions have underwritten the carriage of the show on PBS stations statewide,” said Emily Everett, Chairman of the Indiana Credit Union Foundation. “Credit unions have also worked directly with schools throughout Indiana to personally teach lessons on financial literacy. Biz Kid$ is a powerful resource and we are thrilled to work with the TCU Foundation, the National Credit Union Foundation and Teachers’ Treasures to expand the number of students who will be able to experience it.”
“It’s great to see the TCU Foundation leveraging customized Biz Kid$ DVD box sets in their community, especially since this resource has been mapped to state standards for Indiana in the area of financial literacy,” said Danielle Brown, Director of Development & Donor Relations at the National Credit Union Foundation. “It will be amazing to see these few hundred box sets ultimately reach thousands of students to help them make and manage their money.”

“Providing kids with financial literacy tools in the classroom is crucial to their development and will carry over from their school environment into their personal lives as they mature,” said Rick Silvers, Senior Vice President and Chief Retail Officer of TCU. “This will directly benefit their future, their family’s future and the communities where they reside. It pleases me to know that this partnership between the TCU Foundation, the Indiana Credit Union Foundation, the National Credit Union Foundation and Teachers’ Treasures provides passionate educators with unique and enriching materials to teach students these skills.”

Visit www.bizkids.com  for more information about Biz Kid$.
About the Indiana Credit Union Foundation: The Foundation is a charitable arm of the Indiana Credit Union League, which is the trade association for Indiana credit unions—those credit unions serve more than two million members. The Foundation, using contributions from individuals, credit unions and other organizations, funds projects which benefit Hoosier credit unions. These include financial literacy programs, community education, scholarships and grants, credit union development and disaster relief.
About the TCU Foundation: The TCU Foundation was established to support the Credit Union Vision of being a positive force in the communities served by TCU. TCU consistently practices the Credit Union Philosophy of "People Helping People" and the TCU Foundation gives the credit union another opportunity to further its commitment to use resources in a manner to enhance the betterment of the communities in which our members live and work.
About the National Credit Union Foundation: The National Credit Union Foundation is the charitable arm of the U.S. credit union movement and works as a catalyst to improve people’s financial lives through credit unions. For more information, visit www.ncuf.coop

About Teachers’ Treasures:  Teachers’ Treasures is a 501c-3 organization that bridges the gap between the great need and available resources for students in Central Indiana. Many businesses and individuals have a surplus of products and materials and are in need of a positive outlet to dispose of them. Teachers Treasures’ provides a unique means to transfer these donated materials to teachers for use in classrooms. Since its beginning in 2000, Teachers’ Treasures has distributed over $35 million worth of free school supplies.


TCU Announces Award Winners of Annual Bi-County Basketball Tournament

South Bend, IN  January, 2015

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announced today that it has awarded two student-athletes with the annual W.B. Hawkins Award for excellence in academics and athletics at the 50th annual TCU Bi-County Tournament in northern Indiana.

The winners of the 2015 W.B. Hawkins Award are Riley M Trott of Oregon-Davis High School in Hamlet, Indiana and Blake Berger of LaVille High School in Lakeville, IN. Both student-athlete winners’ school will receive a $1,000 scholarship in the student’s name.
Ms. Trott, a junior, maintains a 4.25 GPA while participating in varsity track and basketball. Trott gives back to her school system by volunteering at Oregon-Davis Elementary to teach 1st graders to read. In addition, Trott volunteers with community-based programs such as the Color Run in Plymouth, IN to assist in building Freedom Park, a park designed for handicapped children. Trott is the #1 ranked student in her class and is a member of the National Honor Society.

Mr. Berger, a senior, maintains a 3.94 GPA. Berger is a member of the golf, soccer and basketball team at LaVille High School. In addition to being an active student-athlete, Berger has been a part of two mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Berger has given back to his community by restoring a local playground and volunteering with Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization that provides food to less fortunate children.

The TCU Bi-County Tournament promotes hard work, dedication and teamwork in all aspects of the participants’ lives. The W.B. Hawkins award is presented to the students that make a positive contribution to their community as well as to their school. W.B. Hawkins, former President of Teachers Credit Union from 1962 – 1987, not only dedicated his time to TCU members, but to the credit union movement as a whole.


Discount Tickets for Indianapolis Zoo Event, Christmas at the Zoo

Indianapolis, IN  December, 2014

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) has announced a continued partnership with the Indianapolis Zoo’s annual event, Christmas at the Zoo.
In addition to being the event sponsor, Central Indiana TCU Service Centers will also be selling discounted tickets to Christmas at the Zoo to both TCU Members and non-members. Ticket prices are $8.00 for adults and $6.50 for children 12 and under. Children under 2 are free.

TCU first joined as presenting partner in 2011. Last December the zoo saw over 101,000 guests at the holiday-themed event! That number is especially impressive because the event itself was only open from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday for December only.


TCU Foundation Supports Logan Community Resources, Inc.

South Bend, IN  October, 2014

No Tricks Here! On Halloween, Karol Griffin of TCU Corporate gave a wonderful “treat” to LOGAN Community Resources, Inc., with a gift of $6300 to purchase 10 iPads Air Tablets and cases for the Sonya Ansari Center for Autism. The new iPadAir tablets will help to provide each of the therapists at LOGAN working with children and young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder their own iPad to use as an important therapy tool, at the Autism Resource Center at LOGAN, and at the Autism Learning Center in Granger.

LOGAN therapists use iPads as an aid for the disabled in 4 ways: as a Communicator, a Therapeutic Device, an Educational Tool, and a Behavior Modifier. But LOGAN staff is careful to recognize that the iPad is a tool and must still be coupled with an active therapist, aid, or parent to achieve the desired goals of the individual client.

Newly renovated Chesterton Location

Chesterton, IN  November, 2014

Check out our newly renovated location at 104 E 1100 N in Chesterton, IN. The remodel included updates to both the interior and exterior of the service center. The service center now has new convenient features for our members including:
Drive thru
Instant issue
Night deposit
Stop by and check it out today!

Payment Platforms for your Smartphones (ApplePay, Google Wallet)

South Bend, IN September, 2014

As technology advances payment alternatives are becoming increasingly popular, offering consumers the ability to pay for purchases with their smartphones. How does this affect you as a TCU member? You can use your TCU Debit MasterCard® or TCU Visa® Platinum/Platinum Rewards Credit Card as your funding account to complete transactions securely and privately with participating stores and online merchants.
We will continue to update you as new payment alternatives arise!

TCU Announces Relocation of Elkhart Service Center

Elkhart, Indiana 2014

TCU announced the opening of our newest location in Elkhart, IN. This new service center at 2930 S Nappanee St. in Elkhart will replace the previous location at 559 E Jackson Blvd. The new location on Nappanee St. provides easy access from a busy part of the city and a drive-up facility to better serve our members.
We will celebrate with a grand opening August 18th – August 22nd with prizes and giveaways. The main grand opening celebration will take place August 21st.
Please visit this new service center in Elkhart! 

TCU Insurance Agency purchases the Tracy Overmyer Agency

Rochester, Indiana 2014

TCU Insurance Agency purchases the Tracy Overmyer Agency in Rochester, IN.

Tracy has been in the insurance industry as an American Family agency for 15 years and transformed her Agency into an Independent Agency several years ago. Tracy is licensed agent for life and health, property and casualty; she is a native of Rochester and is very active in her community and enjoys being part of CASA, BNI and she is a certified EMT.
The office located at 1319 Main St will serve as the seventh location for TCU Insurance Agency.
TCU Insurance Agency is located in Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart, Plymouth, Valparaiso, Rochester and Niles and can be reached at 1-800-772-8043.

TCU Foundation Awards Junior Achievement Funds

South Bend, Indiana 2014

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) Foundation announced it has awarded $15,000.00 to Junior Achievement to support in-school programs for schools in the following counties: St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, Fulton, Kosciusko, Huntington, and Berrien.
Junior Achievement uses business volunteers to teach the educator developed financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurial skills curriculum to students, grades K-12. More than 45 TCU Team Members serve as classroom business volunteers in elementary, middle and high schools within these counties.

TCU Foundation Awards Grant to 5 Star Life

South Bend, Indiana 2014

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) Foundation announces it has awarded a $13,875 grant to 5 Star Life, an Elkhart based not-for-profit youth character and leadership development organization.
The grant will assist in underwriting the new video curriculum for the after school programs serving more than 2,500 students at local Middle and High Schools in: South Bend, Granger, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Plymouth, and Goshen. Five Star Life focuses on the core values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Sacrifice and Courage. More than 70% of students who participate in Five Star Life either raise their GPA or maintain a 3.0 GPA or above. Hundreds of volunteer coaches/ mentors deliver the program. The grant is payable over two years and will support a 15 video series that is being developed over this time. 


TCU Announces Grand Opening of Newest Branch in Plainfield

Plainfield, Indiana 2014

TCU announced it will be celebrating the grand opening of our newest branch located at 400 Dan Jones Rd inside Meijer. TCU will celebrate in conjunction with Meijer at the ribbon cutting on May 13, 2014 at 10:00 am EST.

This new Electronic Service Center offers an on-site representative Monday – Friday 11-7 and Saturday 9-3. The representative will be available to open new accounts, take loan applications and provide assistance with our new ATMs.

The opening of this new TCU location will be celebrated with special offers, giveaways, discounts and prizes May 13 – May 17.


TCU Insurance Agency earns award from Safeco Insurance®

TCU Insurance Agency earns the President’s Award from Safeco Insurance® for outstanding performance.
Only 200 President’s Awards were given this year across the country to top-performing independent insurance agencies that sell Safeco Insurance® personal lines products.
“The President’s Award is one of the highest honors Safeco gives to our independent agent partners to recognize and celebrate their success with Safeco,” said Matthew Nickerson, president, Safeco Insurance. “We’re pleased to honor the hard work, commitment to service and high achievement of TCU Insurance Agency”.
To be considered for the President’s Award, agencies must be members of the elite Safeco® Premier Partner Program, which gives agencies who meet high standards with access to special programs designed to help them continue to grow their business and provide superior service to their customers. 
“We are thrilled to be recognized by Safeco for our partnership and performance,” said Jim Unrue, President of TCU Insurance Agency, “It’s a result of the consistent dedication of our employees to earn and keep the trust of our customers.”
TCU Insurance Agency is located in Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart, Plymouth, Valparaiso and Niles and can be reached at 1-800-772-8043.


TCU Announces Rick Silvers as Senior Vice President and Chief Retail Officer

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) is pleased to announce the recent hire of Rick Silvers as Senior Vice President and Chief Retail Officer. The announcement was made by Paul Marsh, President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We are happy to welcome Rick to the TCU team,” said Marsh. “First and foremost, every decision we make at TCU is on behalf of our members. Our goal is to become the dominant financial service provider in this area, and we are confident that Rick’s expertise and 20 years of experience will help us reach it.”

A native of Xenia, Ohio, Silvers comes to TCU after spending more than 13 years with Fifth Third Bank where he was responsible for nearly 50 branches located in Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Wright State University and an MBA from the University of Indianapolis.

“TCU is guided by a strategic plan that puts its members first, a commitment that aligns well with my value system,” said Silvers. “This position better enables me to put my philosophy about serving people into practice.”

Silvers has served as a board member for WNIN Public Television and Radio in Evansville for six years and participates in various other charitable activities in the community. “Having a positive impact on my community is very meaningful,” said Silvers. “It’s just one more reason why TCU is a good fit for me.” 


Apple Critical Update

Apple has released a critical security update to address a potential vulnerability and security patch for its Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Apple has recommended that users of these devices immediately take steps to reduce security risks by updating to the latest version of their device’s operating system. The update is available for iOS7, iOS6 and OSX desktop platforms and can be found under “Software Update” in general settings.
Our members’ security remains our highest priority and that’s why we are informing you of this critical update. We will continue to monitor the situation, and we will notify you as updates become available.

TCU Wins Diversity Award in Indianapolis

TCU Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard held his annual Mayor's Diversity Awards luncheon on Tuesday, January 14, and TCU was announced as the winner of the Development in Diversity Award! This award recognizes one company in Central Indiana that provides opportunities for diversity education and communication within the organization. This is a very big honor in Central Indiana, and the Mayor's Office reached out to TCU personally to congratulate us on our exemplary work to promote diversity and inclusion.

TCU Foundation Grants $5,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of St Joe County

The Teachers Credit Union (TCU) Foundation recently announced a $5,000 grant to help support Big Brothers, Big Sisters of St. Joseph County. The money will be used to help support the Mentor South Bend initiative.
“In recent years, the City of South Bend has seen an increase in violence among the city’s youth,” said Karol Griffin, Executive Director TCU Foundation. “It is our hope that this grant will help provide the support necessary to carry on the great work of Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and will help raise awareness about this much needed program.”

Target Data Breach

On December 19, 2013 Target announced that 40 million of their customers' credit and debit card data may have been compromised for anyone who made purchases at any of their stores between November 27th and December 15th. Your security is our highest priority.
We are currently monitoring all account activity and we encourage you to contact us immediately if you notice unusual account activity.
Here are a few security precautions you can take to ensure your account is safe and has not been compromised:
  • Continuously monitor your account activity within TCU Internet Banking or download our smartphone or tablet apps to monitor your account on your mobile devices.
  • Set up text and/or email alerts for withdrawals and low balance notifications within TCU Internet Banking.
  • If you suspect your account is compromised, contact the Member Call Center or visit your nearest TCU Service Center to deactivate your Debit or Credit Card immediately.
    • If your Debit Card was compromised, visit a TCU Service Center with Instant Issuance to reissue a new card instantly. Locate the most convenient Service Center with Instant Issuance to help you obtain a new card.
  • Purchase a trusted credit or fraud monitoring solution to safeguard your identity.
  • Stay up to date with information around this breach by visiting the Target website and other local trusted media resources.
  • Utilize resources available to you, if your account was compromised. TCU is here to help you through this, please contact us and we’ll guide you through the steps you should take if your identity was stolen. The Federal Trade Commission also provides useful information to help you through this process.
Again, TCU is working to ensure our members are not at risk but please monitor your accounts for any fraudulent activity. 

TCU Sponsors Second Helpings

TCU is proud to announce a fundraising campaign with a $5,000 match for Second Helpings!
The holidays are always a special time to lend a hand whenever possible to those in need. This year, TCU is partnering with Second Helpings to help raise awareness, and funds, for their noble pursuit of providing food for those in need year-round. TCU will be matching the first $5,000 raised, and all of the money will go to support the work of Second Helpings, which has helped to provide over 7.45 Million meals since it began operating in 1998! The food they save and re-prepare helps feed thousands of Hoosiers in need, and we are proud to be able to help their cause. Join us in making this year a little brighter for those in need!

TCU Foundation Grants $5,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of St Joe County

The Teachers Credit Union (TCU) Foundation recently announced a $5,000 grant to help support Big Brothers, Big Sisters of St. Joseph County. The money will be used to help support the Mentor South Bend initiative.
“In recent years, the City of South Bend has seen an increase in violence among the city’s youth,” said Karol Griffin, Executive Director TCU Foundation. “It is our hope that this grant will help provide the support necessary to carry on the great work of Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and will help raise awareness about this much needed program.”

TCU Sponsors South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestra

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announces support of the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestra (SBYSO). TCU has been a strong supporter of the SBYSO for many years, and is proud to continue this partnership to help bring classical music to the youth in our community.
Founded in 1968, the SBYSO has had a long and successful history of instilling a love of music in South Bend’s youth. Since its inception, the SBYSO has grown to include students from surrounding communities like Culver, Edwardsburg, Goshen, among others.

More information about the SBYSO and their upcoming events can be found at www.sbyso.org 


TCU Announces New Partnership with Downtown South Bend

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announced a new partnership with Downtown South Bend, Inc. (DTSB) to help support the First Fridays initiative. First Fridays in South Bend will occur on the first Friday of every month from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

First Fridays will bring together businesses and the arts community in South Bend to open up the downtown area to extended shopping, events and entertainment. TCU is committed to the efforts of DTSB to draw more attention to the metro area of South Bend, and to help make South Bend a destination for people living and working in and around the area.

TCU  Indy Library Receives Gift from TCU Foundation for Job Training

Individuals who are chronically unemployed or underemployed will receive personal assistance to enhance their employment skills at Central Library downtown as a result of a $15,000 grant from the TCU Foundation to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation.

The grant continues a service begun in 2011 at the TCU Foundation Job Center @ Central Library, where over 5,000 individuals have received free one-on-one support in using electronic resources to build a résumé, search for jobs, complete job applications, or upgrade computer skills. The TCU Foundation Job Center @ Central Library, as well as Job Centers at seven other Indy Library locations, is provided in partnership with EmployIndy, the non-profit workforce investment board for Marion County, and WorkOne, a local specialist in career counseling and programming.

In addition to Central Library, Job Center sites are at the Brightwood Branch (2435 N. Sherman Drive), College Avenue Branch (4180 N. College Ave.), Eagle Branch (3325 Lowry Road), East 38th Street Branch (5420 E. 38th St.), Pike Branch (6525 Zionsville Road), Southport Branch (2630 E. Stop 11 Road), and Warren Branch (9701 E. 21st St.).

Additional funding for the Job Centers is provided by The Glick Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, and The Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund through grants to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation. Those interested in contributing to the Job Center are encouraged to contact the Library Foundation at (317) 275-4700. Call 275-4099 or visit www.indypl.org for upcoming Job Center program dates and times.


TCU Continues Partnership in Anti-Bullying Program at Jimtown High School

TCU has announced its continued partnership with Jimtown High School in Elkhart, Indiana in support of the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program. TCU has been presenting sponsor of this anti-bullying program for many years, which has helped yield impressive results in grades, overall attendance and behavior among students at Jimtown.

The PBS program operates under a four-part code of ethics that follows Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Leadership as cornerstones of their educational community. These values have helped Jimtown students identify bullying, and implement thoughts and actions that create environments where positive behavior is not only encouraged, it is rewarded.


TCU Foundation Provides Grant to Camptown

The Teachers Credit Union (TCU) Foundation announced that it has awarded a $2,000 grant to Indianapolis-based youth organization Camptown to help fund youth-oriented programming. The TCU Foundation is the charitable arm of giving of Teachers Credit Union.  

Camptown organizes and conducts camping and adventure programs for youth that foster core-character building concepts. The mission of Camptown is to “challenge, mentor, and teach youth about life through outdoor adventure and nature programs that help build confidence, character, and hope.”

TCU Receives Two Diamond Awards for Outstanding Marketing

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) was recently honored with two Diamond Awards, which recognize outstanding marketing and business development achievements in the credit union industry.

The awards were presented by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing and Business Development Council, a national network comprised of nearly 1,100 credit union marketing and business development professionals. Awards are given in each of 33 categories ranging from advertising to community events and beyond.

TCU won the awards for their TCU 2012-2013 Teacher Planner and materials related to their sponsorship of Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo.
"The Diamond Award competition is the most prestigious competition for excellence in marketing and business development in the credit union industry," said Michelle Hunter, Chair of the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council, and SVP of Marketing & Development at Credit Union of Southern California. "Credit unions that receive these awards should be extremely proud of their accomplishments and know that their work represents the very best examples of creativity, innovation, relevance, and execution. The Diamond Awards are not easily earned and the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council is proud to honor those who are deserving of this recognition."

Award winners were recognized at the council’s 20th annual conference held March 24-27 in Anaheim, CA. For more information on the Diamond Awards or to view the entire list of winners, go to www.cunamarketingcouncil.org.

TCU Foundation Supports Indiana Schools

The TCU Foundation recently announced it has awarded more than $45,000 for college scholarships to a number of high schools and colleges within the markets Teachers Credit Union operates. The TCU Foundation is the charitable arm of giving of Teachers Credit Union.

Karol Griffin, Executive Director of the TCU Foundation, emphasized the importance of educational support. “The TCU Foundation primarily focuses on providing greater access to educational advancement for students who are clearly dedicated to furthering their academic careers,” said Griffin. “Any time that we are able to remove certain financial hurdles that might hinder a leader of tomorrow, then that is something we can be proud of.

Recipients of the most recent scholarships included: Oregon-Davis High School/ W.B. Hawkins Scholarship Award; LaVille High School/ W.B. Hawkins Scholarship Award; Bethel College; Elkhart Central High School Dollars for Scholars; Concord High School Dollars for Scholars; Elkhart Memorial High School Dollars for Scholars; Goshen High School Dollars for Scholars; Indiana University Foundation/IUSB Alumni Scholarship; The Scholarship Foundation of St. Joseph County, IN; Purdue University North Central; Butler University/Indianapolis Public Schools Early College Program Scholarship; The Community Foundation of St. Joseph County/Charles Martin Touch of Life Scholarship.


TCU Walnut Elementary’ s Library Resource is Now Complete!

A library resource center at Walnut Elementary funded by TCU was completed in March 2013. This new resource will help teachers and students at the Walnut Elementary by providing a centralized location for reading resources, as well as a tracking system to improve efficiency.

The new resource area, dubbed the TCU Leveled Reader Library, provides thousands of books categorized by reading level. These books are fully accessible to teachers at any time, allowing teachers to assign reading to multiple levels of ability within one classroom.

Amy Wells, Manager of the Crawfordsville TCU branch, helped arrange the partnership. “As an organization, we believe strongly in being a good corporate citizen by supporting the needs of our communities,” said Wells. “Walnut Elementary is a great school with strong educators who truly care about their student’s futures, and if we can help that effort in any way, then it is worth every penny.”

Darren Haas, Principal at Walnut Elementary, expressed his enthusiasm for the project. “We have worked very hard to add to the resources our school has to offer, which is not always easy to do in a tough economy,” said Haas. “Having a partner like TCU allows us to focus on our jobs as educators, which is to give these kids the best learning experience possible to prepare them to be the future leaders of our community.”


TCU Foundation Provides Grant for Butler University Early College Program

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announced a grant through the TCU Foundation that will allow selected Shortridge Magnet High School students to attend actual collegiate classes at Butler University. These students will get a jumpstart on their college careers, learning in real-life classrooms at Butler while also earning college credits.

Laura Feeney, vice president for TCU in central Indiana, presented the $8,300 grant to Butler University to create the TCU Scholars program. The grant will cover costs for one Shortridge student to earn up to 13 college credits in Butler’s Early College Program (ECP) across four semesters. 23 Shortridge juniors and seniors have participated in ECP since it began in fall 2011.
Butler’s Early College initiative is “the type of innovative program we need more of,” Feeney said.
The program gives the Shortridge honors students the experience of being on a college campus, learning alongside university students in regular classes taught by Butler faculty.
“This program will help students be successful in high school and ease the transition to college,” Feeney said. (Most of the current seniors in ECP have been accepted by four-year colleges for fall entry.)
Given its focus on serving educators, TCU likes supporting local school programs, she said. “We work very closely with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS).”
Butler partnered with IPS to revive Shortridge as a magnet high school in 2009. That was the same year that Mitch Still of TCU completed his master of business administration degree.
Being “a proud Butler alum,” Still said, he helped bring Shortridge and Butler to TCU’s attention, when he became the Central Indiana division’s service center manager two years ago.
TCU initially helped sponsor the Butler Leadership camp, he said. Shortridge students and teens from across the country have taken part in summer camps for the past three years, learning leadership principles embodied in The Butler Way.
Butler Associate Provost for Student Academic Affairs Mary Macmanus Ramsbottom serves as administrative liaison and director for the ECP. In thanking TCU for the grant, Ramsbottom noted the genuine interest TCU partners have shown in the ECP students.
She said Still and Robert Shula, director of public relations for TCU, met with ECP students, and talked about their own college days and career pathways. The high school students paid close attention when the men recalled being in college and struggling to balance classes and with working full or part-time to meet expenses, Ramsbottom said.
“TCU’s grant will help the next group of Shortridge students excel in Early College,” she said. “Butler loves having community partners like Teachers Credit Union.”

Teachers Credit Union Provides New Online Financial Education Resource

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announced a new feature on its website that will deliver new financial literacy tools for those interested in receiving expert advice on a broad range of topics. The site is open to anyone and is designed to promote financial education, a cornerstone of TCU’s directives.
Becky Summers, Senior Vice President of TCU, hopes that the TCU Learning Center will be a valuable resource for TCU members and prospective members as well. “We wanted a centralized location where TCU topic-experts could provide tips and educational materials for people interested in increasing their financial knowledge,” said Summers. “Our Core Values at TCU guide our priorities of being a benefit to the communities we serve, and the concept that financial stability provides sustainability; both values that helped form the TCU Learning Center concept.”
The TCU Learning Center is broken into subject categories, covering a range of topics like investments, insurance, loans, business, account management and savings. All of these categories are represented in TCU’s products and services, and these sections will be populated with information from TCU experts in each category. The TCU Learning Center can be accessed at http://www.tcunet.com/home/news/learning_center.


Teachers Credit Union Announces Award Winners of Annual Bi-County Basketball Tournament

Lakeville, Indiana 2013

Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announces that is has awarded two student-athletes with the annual W.B. Hawkins Award for excellence in academics and athletics at the annual TCU Bi-County Tournament in northern Indiana.

The winners of the 2013 W.B. Hawkins Award are Lincy Mae Jones of Oregon-Davis High School in Hamlet, Indiana, and Nicholas Armor of LaVille High School. Jones was recognized for her leadership and dedication, earning a 3.9 GPA while performing as a standout on her varsity baseball team and her travel softball team. Jones serves as a member of the National Guard Youth Council and also created a benefit for her grandfather who was diagnosed with cancer.

Armor maintains a 3.96 GPA while playing varsity basketball and serving his community, as well as other communities abroad. Armor lead an effort to refurbish a dangerous playground in his hometown, worked as a mentor to elementary school students during the school year, drove food to underprivileged youth during the summer and helped serve those in need in the Dominican Republic.

The TCU Bi-County Tournament promotes hard work, dedication and teamwork in all aspects of the participant’s lives. The W.B. Hawkins award is presented to the students that make a positive contribution to their community as well as to their school. W.B. Hawkins, former President of Teachers Credit Union from 1962 – 1987, not only dedicated his time to TCU members, but to the credit union movement as a whole.


Important Notice for Our members regarding Credit Card Surcharges

January, 2013

Beginning January 27, 2013, Visa® and MasterCard® will allow merchants to pass along their payment processing costs to consumers who pay with a credit card. This would mean that a merchant who chooses to exercise this new right could impose a surcharge, sometimes referred to as a “checkout fee,” that could increase your credit card purchase amount by as much as 4% (maximum allowed).

Under the settlement:
• The surcharge cannot exceed the amount that the merchant actually pays to accept credit cards – normally between 1.5% and 3% of the transaction amount.
• Surcharges can only be imposed on credit card transactions only, not on purchases made with debit cards or prepaid cards.
• Merchants must disclose the credit card surcharge clearly – at the store entrance and the point of sale or on the homepage if the merchant does business on the Internet.
• The disclosure must include the amount of the surcharge, the fact that the fee is being charged by the merchant, and that the fee does not exceed the merchant’s cost to accept credit cards.
• The dollar amount of the surcharge must appear on the transaction receipt.
Merchants are not allowed to impose a credit card surcharge in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, or Texas, where such fees are prohibited under state law.
For more information go to www.knowyourcard.org



TCU Foundation Commits to a New Techology Initiative

South Bend, Indiana 2012Inside Indiana Business Release December 20, 2012

Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced today that the City of South Bend has been selected as one of nine communities in the United States to participate in the Code for America Fellowship Program in 2013. The other communities are: Kansas City, Las Vegas, Louisville, Oakland, San Francisco, San Mateo County, Calif., Summit County, Ohio (Akron), and New York City.
Through the fellowship program, which is aimed at helping local governments foster technology innovation, developers and designers will be partnered with various departments to collaborate with city leaders to address problems or areas for improvement in local government services and practices. Three Code for America fellows will be assigned to the City of South Bend and start next month.
"This is an exciting announcement for the City of South Bend," said Mayor Pete Buttigieg. "We've made a concerted effort to become a more innovative and technologically creative city. Good government starts with being a smarter and more efficient operation. As a Code for America 2013 partner, we are putting South Bend in high gear as we strive to better serve the people of our community."
The partnership was made possible with the support and collaboration of the City of South Bend, the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, AT&T, Memorial Hospital, Teachers Credit Union Foundation, and 1st Source Bank.
Founded in 2009, Code for America held its inaugural fellowship in 2011. In 2012, Code for America has connected 26 fellows with eight cities across the country. Through the Accelerator program, Code for America supports civic startups, and through the Brigade program, Code for America encourages civic participation by organizing local groups of civic technologists to take action in their communities.
"We are very excited to officially announce our partnership with South Bend," said Code for America founder and Executive Director Jennifer Pahlka. "South Bend is a leader in the innovation world, and our fellows will have the chance to be at the forefront of that innovation. With the support of such forward-thinking and dedicated city staff, we look forward to continuing to build long-lasting partnerships with the City."
Announcing the program at Innovation Park at Notre Dame, Mayor Buttigieg explained the Code for America program to community leaders and partners through some of their innovations in other cities. Mayor Buttigieg walked through BlightStatus.org, which was created in New Orleans, and allows residents to simply find out what’s going on with blighted properties in their community. This website eliminates the long process it can take for a resident to figure the status and future of a vacant or abandoned property.
The announcement today caps an outstanding year in technology achievements for the City of South Bend. In 2012, the city launched its new voice-over IP phone system and upgraded its e-mail system for the first time. In addition, South Bend is developing IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities software to overhaul its water management system. And, its revamped website won an Honorable Mention in the international MARCOM Awards recently.


TCU Announces Partnership with Warsaw School's Robotics Program

Warsaw, IN 2012
Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announces continued partnership with Warsaw Community Schools to support Washington School's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy robotics teams at their annual TCU robotics tournament. TCU has long been a supporter of Warsaw Community Schools and their stellar STEM program, and TCU is proud to be the presenting sponsor of this great event.
The robotics tournament took place on December 5, 2012, between Warsaw second and third grade students, and the winners of that competition headed to the state tournament on December 8. The state tournament highlighted some of the state's best and brightest student-engineers in a tournament that put student creations that blend robotics with Legos on display in a battle to the end.

In addition to being the event sponsor, TCU team members from area branches assisted in the competition by being judges of overall execution and success.



TCU Announces Partnership with Walnut Elementary School

Crawfordsville, IN 2012
Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announces a new partnership with Walnut Elementary School in Crawfordsville to provide funding for a new TCU Reading Resource area in the school. The principal of Walnut Elementary, Darren Haas, brought the concept to Amy Wells, TCU Service Center Manager.
The reading resource area will complement the school's library, and provide a more organized system to categorize all reading levels and allow students to keep track of their reading progress. The area will also reduce the amount of time teachers spend searching for resources for their students.
TCU strives to be a positive contributor to all communities where our members live and work. By providing this resource to Walnut Elementary, the hope is that these students will experience an even better learning environment.



TCU Announces Partnership with Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis, IN 2012
Teachers Credit Union (TCU) has announced a continued partnership with the Indianapolis Zoo as presenting sponsor of Christmas at the Zoo. TCU first joined as presenting partner in 2011.
Last year alone, the zoo saw over 101,000 guests at the holiday-themed event over the course of December. That number is especially impressive because the event itself was only open from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday for one month.
In addition to being the event sponsor, Central Indiana TCU Service Centers will also be selling discounted tickets to Christmas at the Zoo to both TCU Members and non-members. Ticket prices are $7.50 for adults and $6.00 for children 12 and under. Children under 2 are free.

TCU Announces Partnership with College Mentors for Kids

Indianapolis, IN 2012
Teachers Credit Union has announced a new partnership with College Mentors for Kids through an event bringing together academic and philanthropic leaders in central Indiana. The presidents of Butler University, Marian University, and University of Indianapolis, along with the chancellor of Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, gathered together to host a celebration at the Allison Mansion on Marian University’s campus to benefit College Mentors for Kids’ unique and innovative mentor program.
The gathering to celebrate mentoring was attended by more than 85 individuals and coordinated by author, speaker and philanthropist, Lorene Burkhart. Burkhart is known throughout Indiana and the Midwest for championing causes related to higher education, the arts, women and girls, and families.
“College Mentors for Kids provides children the opportunity to understand what college really is by bringing kids to a college campus many times throughout the year, introducing them to several different types of programs and activities on a college campus,” Burkhart stated. “It truly is a wonderful partnership between the public, the colleges, the elementary schools, and the principals.”
To date, the event at Allison Mansion has raised $8,000 and is $2,000 away from a $10,000 match from the Ackerman Foundation.
The presidents and chancellor who hosted the event are Butler University president, Mr. James M. Danko, Marian University president, Mr. Daniel J. Elsener, and University of Indianapolis president, Dr. Robert L. Manuel, and IUPUI chancellor, Dr. Charles R. Bantz.
College Mentors for Kids’ CEO, Erin Slater, said she is grateful to have Indianapolis’ educational and community leaders join the organization in supporting mentoring and its impact on individuals and the community.
“It is such an honor to have this esteemed group of educational and philanthropic leaders gather together to promote and advance mentoring throughout the Midwest,” Slater said. “This celebration will undoubtedly assist College Mentors in helping school children to envision more opportunities for their education and career, discover new and diverse cultures, and inspire them to give back to the community.”
College Mentors operates mentor programs on all four campuses of the hosting presidents and chancellor, serving 225 Indianapolis children through 250 college student volunteers. Program wide, College Mentors connect 1,500 children with 1,700 college student volunteers to participate in weekly, one-on-one mentoring activities on a college campus in their community.
The celebration also featured College Mentors for Kids’ Butler University chapter president, Bridget Hannon, a senior in Science, Technology, and Society, who spoke about her experience as a mentor to kids and a leader for her peers.
“I loved giving back to the community, so I joined College Mentors for Kids to get more involved as a student,” Hannon relayed during her speech. “Now, as chapter president, I am fulfilled when I see the joy our little buddies have when they declare that they want to go to Butler when they grow up.”

Sheila Seedhouse, a College Mentors alumna from Butler University and current principal at Key Learning Community in Indianapolis Public Schools, also spoke about the impact the mentor program made on her commitment to education and the community.
“In quiet moments of self-reflection, I wonder how I went from being a pre-med college student five years ago, to a principal in IPS,” Seedhouse said at the event. “Time and time again, I realize it is because of my experiences with College Mentors. Working with students and staff at College Mentors opened my eyes to what is the equivalent to the civil rights movement of our era. I am driven to eliminate the achievement gap that continues to persist in our country.”



Smooth Transition for Head of TCU

South Bend, Indiana October, 2012By GENE STOWESouth Bend Tribune Correspondent

Paul Marsh, who started at Teachers Credit Union as an accounting intern while he was at Indiana University South Bend more than 20 years ago, and is now president and CEO, has overseen a banner year of growth since his smooth transition to president more than a year ago.

Accumulating frustration with the big national banks that triggered the economic downturn has accelerated a switch to more local institutions, especially credit unions, he says.

“Our membership grew about 9 percent annualized,” Marsh says. “The industry grew an annualized 5 percent. I had to go all the way back into the mid-’80s for that type of growth.

“We have seen a significant amount of growth in people frustrated with banks. Banks use people to make money. We use money to help people. It’s just a different perspective.”

Marsh, an Edwardsburg native who has spent his whole career at TCU, reflects the deep community connections that develop a strong culture among associates and attract more members.

His first job was as a staff accountant working on reconciliations, and he worked in several positions on the financial side, gaining experience in internal audit, finance, cost accounting, strategic planning and asset liability management.

By the mid-1990s, he had worked his way up to controller.

“I worked hard and loved new challenges,” Marsh says. “Opportunities would present themselves and I would step up to the challenges.”

After five years, TCU President Rick Rice asked him to go to the marketing department, a move to the other side of the brain.

“I thought ‘Rick, CPA doesn’t stand for marketing,’” Marsh recalls, but the next day he accepted the change. “If I can’t sell the credit union, maybe I should be let go. I took over our marketing department and did that for about five years and absolutely loved it. I used the other side of my brain, the creative.”

As Rice began planning for retirement and preparing for transition, Marsh took over managing the more than 40 branches with 380 team members.

“It gave me a full understanding of what we do and what makes a difference serving the members,” says Marsh, who kept that job for five years and became president in June 2011.

“Rick was a big part of the transition and bent over backwards to make it successful. He built a great culture of member service that we can build on.

“The board has been great to work for and work with. We have good rapport. The management team and the rest of the staff have been tremendous as well. I’ve worked with a lot of them through the years.”

Copyright © 2012, South Bend Tribune



TCU Foundation supports a new Job Center in Indy

Indianapolis, Indiana September, 2012Individuals who are chronically unemployed or underemployed can receive personal assistance to enhance their employment skills at the TCU Foundation Job Center at The Indianapolis Public Library’s downtown Central Library, 40 E. St. Clair Street.

A $15,000 grant from the TCU Foundation in support of the Job Center was announced at ceremonies on September 20 at Central Library. The TCU Foundation Job Center, located in the 12-seat Computer Training Lab at Central Library, is one of six Indy Library sites where technological training and specialized educational resources are provided at no cost to job seekers. The TCU Foundation Job Center at Central Library is open Mondays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and Fridays from 1 – 5 p.m.

Job Centers were launched at various Library locations in June 2011 in partnership with EmployIndy, the non-profit workforce investment board for Marion County, as well WorkOne, a local specialist in career counseling and programming. Visitors can receive one-on-one support from WorkOne specialists and Library computer assistants in using electronic resources to build a résumé, search for jobs, complete job applications, or to upgrade computer skills. In addition to Central Library, Job Center sites are at the College Avenue Branch (4180 N. College Ave.), Eagle Branch (3325 Lowry Road), East 38th Street Branch (5420 E. 38th St.), Southport Branch (2630 E. Stop 11 Road), and Warren Branch (9701 E. 21st St.).
Additional funding for the Job Centers was provided by The Glick Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, and The Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund through grants to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation. Those interested in contributing to the Job Center are encouraged to contact the Library Foundation at (317) 275-4700.
Call 275-4099 or visit www.indypl.org for upcoming Job Center program dates and times.


TCU to Sponsor Falloween Fest in Walkerton, IN

Walkerton, Indiana September, 2012 During the weekend of September 21-23, 2012, the John Glenn High School campus in Walkerton, IN will become home to a festival with activities for the entire family.

JGHS and JGSC organizations, clubs and teams, community groups from surrounding towns, civic groups and churches participated in this major fund-raising event. Groups provided food, games, special events, activities and entertainment to raise money for student scholarships.

For more information, visit www.jgsc.k12.in.us/schools/john-glenn-high-school/falloween.

How Teachers Credit Union's Call Center Has Achieved 'Excellence'

South Bend, Indiana August, 2012 Teachers Credit Union's TCU Member Call Center has been certified as a "Center of Excellence" by BenchmarkPortal for the second year in a row.

Becky Summers, SVP of sales and marketing for the $2.2-billion credit union, said the BenchmarkPortal ratings look at several measurable factors, including experience of the members. This includes call wait time, abandonment rate and first call resolution.

"One of biggest positives we had was first call resolution," she said. "When members called the reps resolved the problem a high percentage of the time, meaning members did not have to call back." Summers said the call center also earned high marks for employee engagement, which she said was no accident.

"BenchmarkPortal asked our employees how satisfied they are and we got high marks there, too," she said. "We do a lot of training on three fronts: One, soft skills, including 'smiling' on the phone and giving a warm greeting. Two, products and services. The reps know the ins and outs of how things work on a functional level. And three, technical skills, they know how to find information on our core system for the members and do so quickly."

'Special' People Needed. According to Summers, in addition to the emphasis on training, the employees at TCU's call center are "very motivated" to serve its members every day. She said it takes a "special person" to take call after call, and the credit union prides itself on finding people who can handle the stress.

"Sometimes members who call in are happy and other times they are not, and it can be draining," she said. "We start with extensive interviewing and do so over the phone because that is how they are going to do business."
TCU also conducts some face-to-face interviews before hiring a new call center rep, she continued, but what management really wants to know is how the candidates handle themselves over the phone. A final factor is writing skills, because as reps become more advanced they handle e-mail communications, as well.

Why is the TCU call center so successful? Summers said the environment is a "positive one" that allows the reps to get the support they need. The supervisors are in the same space, which allows them to help the reps with a tough call. The reps have wireless headsets that allow them to move around, which Summers noted breaks up the monotony of sitting in one place while handling call after call.

No Outsourcing. Many CUs have chosen to outsource the call center function, but Summers said TCU-which is the largest credit union in Indiana-made a decision to maintain control.
"Given the skills of our reps, we wanted to serve the members ourselves," she explained. "We use outside call center support for certain things, such as reporting fraud on a credit or debit card, but in general we want to serve our members directly."
TCU's relationship with BenchmarkPortal began simply because the credit union was looking for a way to measure its success and investigate best practices for its call center. Summers said the CU was referred to BenchmarkPortal, which synthesizes data "so we can compare to our peers."

"We just wanted to get better at what we do, and the award side is just a bonus," said Summers.
BenchmarkPortal describes itself as the custodian of the Center for Customer-Driven Quality's database of contact center metrics, the largest in the world, founded in 1995 by Dr. Jon Anton at Purdue University. BenchmarkPortal is involved in call center benchmarking, call center industry reports, call center training and call center certification worldwide.

For info: www.benchmarkportal.com

Credit Union Journal | Monday, August 13, 2012 By Michael Bartlett


The Lemonade Day Results Are In: Kids Generated $2.4 Million and Donated $800,000 to Charity

Indianapolis, Indiana July, 2012 Saturday May 19th, was declared as “Lemonade Day” by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, Lemonade Day 2012 and 15,000 budding entrepreneurs opened up for business in local parks, shopping malls, supermarkets and in their front yards. The weather was hot and sunny, ideal for starting a lemonade business. These budding entrepreneurs, pre-school to high school, turned a profit and learned valuable entrepreneurial skills and life lessons in the process.

This year, based on results surveys returned from families, a record 15,000 Lemonade Day participants raised an estimated $2.4 million and donated more than an estimated $800,000 to charity. As per the months of training prior to the event, the kids are encouraged to “spend a little” for themselves, “save a little” in the bank, and “share a little” with charities of their own choosing.

Championed by local inventor and entrepreneur Scott Jones, and presented by Teachers Credit Union (TCU), Lemonade Day is a free Greater Indianapolis Area initiative designed to teach children how to start, own and operate their own business – a lemonade stand. Jones launched Lemonade Day in 2010 and set a national Lemonade Day record for the largest number of participants in a city’s first year: 7,400. Last year, 10,000 kids participated. Mayor Ballard and Governor Daniels have been great supporters since Lemonade Day’s inception. This year, the day before Lemonade Day, several kids were invited by Governor Daniels to set up lemonade stands on the Statehouse lawn to raise money for charity and to remind people to stop at a lemonade stand on Lemonade Day.

“When you think about the revenues these kids are generating in a single day, over $2.4 million, it’s incredible. To give this some perspective, Apple earns $1.6 million a day from its App Store,” said Jones. “What’s more, these kids are learning that they can be both entrepreneurs and philanthropists. I’m very proud of the fact that they donated over $800,000 to charities of their choosing, rivaling one of Indiana’s largest black-tie fundraisers, Zoobilation. We’re not only inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs but also the next generation of philanthropists.”

“I’m so incredibly proud of these kids – donating one-third of their sales to charity tells you something about the spirit of these kids and their parents,” said Mayor Ballard. “I can’t wait to see the talents these young entrepreneurs bring to Indianapolis in years to come.”

For more information, visit www.indianapolis.lemonadeday.org.



Important Message: Email Scam Attempts

Indiana July, 2012 Please be aware of a new email scam targeting TCU members. Scammers are sending emails containing the following message "On behalf of Teachers Credit Union (tcu) you have been issued a $1,000 Visa Gift Card free of charge". This email prompts you to click on a link to claim a TCU Visa® Gift Card. This email is not from Teachers Credit Union, and TCU would never send a message like this particular email. Please do not click on this link.



Teacher Planner Survey

Indiana July, 2012Did you receive a TCU 2012/2013 Teacher Planner? We want your feedback! Please click here to complete the short survey.

Important Reminder: Protect your Financial Information

South Bend, IN. July 9, 2012At TCU, we take every measure to ensure your personal financial information is protected.  As a reminder, never give out your personal financial account or debit card information to an unknown source. If you think you may have been the victim of fraudulent activity on your TCU account, call the TCU Member Call Center for assistance at (800) 552-4745 or click here for more information about security.

TCU Earns Prestigious Center of Excellence Recognition for 2nd year in a Row

South Bend, IN. June 21, 2012The TCU Member Call Center has been certified as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal for the second year in a row. The Center of Excellence recognition is one of the most prestigious awards in the customer service and support industry.

“We are honored to be certified as a Center of Excellence for the second year in a row,” said Becky Summers, Senior Vice President at TCU. “Our team members work incredibly hard to deliver industry-leading products and services for our members, and our Member Call Center is proud to be ranked in the top 25 call centers in their class."

“Certification is an important distinction because it is based on best-practice metrics drawn from BenchmarkPortal’s database of contact center metrics, which was founded at Purdue University and is the largest in the world,” said Bruce Belfiore, CEO of BenchmarkPortal. “This achievement confirms the call center’s ability to deliver service that is both efficient and effective.

Contact Centers achieve the Center of Excellence distinction based on best-practice metrics drawn from the world’s largest database of objective and quantitative data that is audited and validated by researchers from BenchmarkPortal.

Congratulations TCU Member Call Center!

South Bend Tribune Readers Show Love for TCU!

South Bend, Indiana June 11, 2012Readers of the South Bend Tribune were asked to vote on their favorite area businesses in four main categories; Retail, Service, Places and Entertainment and Dining. Time and time again, readers chose TCU as their #1! We rank #1 in the following industries: Best Bank, Best Credit Union and Best Mortgage Company.

TCU Travel Club also received recognition, placing second as favorite travel agency! This is truly an honor for all of us. A big thank you to our fans in the South Bend area - we appreciate you too!

Teachers Credit Union Proud to Sponsor the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Indianapolis, Indiana May 27, 2012Teachers Credit Union (TCU) announced today that it has joined the Indianapolis Children’s Museum as Presenting Sponsor of the Hot Wheels® For Real exhibit now headlining the museum.

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum has worked on an exhibit in conjunction with one of Mattel’s longest-running toy products, the Hot Wheels® line. Life-sized replicas of some of the toy’s most recognizable models are on display, as well as usable tracks for the die-cast models.

TCU has been a supporter of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum for over 20 years, and is proud of the strong community impact the museum has on the city of Indianapolis and the surrounding populations.

TCU and 92.3 WTTS partner with the Library and Boys & Girls Club of Central Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana April 24, 2012Teachers Credit Union (TCU), 92.3 WTTS and the Indianapolis Public Library announced a new partnership focusing on a book drive and literacy initiative to benefit Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Indiana (BGCI). The initiative is known as Reading for Hope.

Reading for Hope is the first collaboration of its kind in Indianapolis, bringing together the resources of the financial, radio and public library industries to benefit the BGCI. Reading for Hope is centered on a city-wide book drive, culminating in a book report challenge for participants at the BGCI. Kids who complete a book report this summer will receive a book of their own to start their own library, a TCU Book Light, and will be eligible for additional prizes the more reports they complete.

“For the past six years, WTTS and the Indianapolis Public Library have teamed up to enrich children’s reading programs through the power of music,” said Brad Holtz, Program Director at WTTS. “With the help of TCU and the Boys & Girls Club, Reading for Hope is yet another way to grow these efforts and make a positive impact in our community.” 

On Saturday, May 12, individuals who donate a new or gently used pre-teen appropriate book will automatically qualify to win passes to all WTTS summer shows at the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park and a summer pass to Sun King Studio 92. The book drive is scheduled for Saturday, May 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the following locations:

  • Lawrence Public Library Branch, 7898 N. Hague Road
  • Glendale Public Library Branch, 6101 N. Keystone Avenue
  • Southport Public Library Branch. 2630 E. Stop 11 Road
  • Irvington Public Library Branch, 5625 E. Washington Street
  • TCU Avon Service Center, 7607 E. US Highway 36

TCU Insurance Agency Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

Plymouth, Indiana April 12, 2012

Teachers Credit Union Insurance Agency (TCUI) is celebrating its tenth year in business. TCUI became Teachers Credit Union’s wholly-owned subsidiary in 2002 and operates as an independent agency from five branch locations and its headquarters in Mishawaka.

TCU Insurance Agency offers insurance coverage for every aspect of life, from business needs to everyday life. Recently TCUI acquired Freedom Insurance Agency in Plymouth, IN, in order to better serve the growing number of clients in the market. TCUI employs 40 licensed insurance professionals holding over 15 professional designations, with over 100 years of combined industry experience.

“We are incredibly proud of our history of insurance service to our communities,” said Greg Danner, Senior Vice President of Affiliated Service at Teachers Credit Union. “We look forward to continued growth and success as we reach into new markets.”

TCU Insurance Agency Acquires Freedom Insurance Agency

Plymouth, Indiana March 23, 2012Teachers Credit Union (TCU) Insurance Agency has announced the acquisition of Freedom Insurance Agency, located in Plymouth, Indiana. The acquisition will increase the reach and coverage of TCU Insurance Agency, and will benefit Freedom Insurance Agency policyholders by offering them additional products and services available at TCU Insurance Agency.

Freedom Insurance Agency covered home, auto, business, life and health insurance. All Freedom policyholders will become TCU Insurance policyholders, effective immediately. There will be no interruption in coverage, and former Freedom Agency clients will be able to take advantage of all that TCU Insurance Agency has to offer right away.

TCU Insurance also hired Leann Davis, Freedom’s former primary agent. Davis will be relocated to the TCU insurance Plymouth office, located at 120 E. Washington Street, Plymouth, Indiana. This acquisition will better position TCU Insurance in the Marshall County and surrounding areas, along with giving TCU members and non-members the opportunity to work with Davis on their personal insurance needs.


Teachers Credit Union Receives Four Diamond Awards for Outstanding Marketing

South Bend, Indiana March 14, 2012Teachers Credit Union (TCU) was recently honored with four Diamond Awards, which recognize outstanding marketing and business development achievements in the credit union industry.

The awards were presented by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing and Business Development Council, a national network comprised of nearly 1,000 credit union marketing and business development professionals. Awards are given in each of 33 categories ranging from advertising to community events and beyond.

TCU won the awards for their TCU 2011-2012 Teacher Planner, branded departmental materials, New Member Welcome Packet, and their All Access Checking campaign.

Tara Holloway, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Research at TCU, accepted the awards. “TCU is proud to be recognized for the hard work of our marketing team,” said Holloway. “We create our own marketing materials in-house, so these awards are especially personal.”

Award winners were recognized at the council’s 19th annual conference held March 7-10 in New Orleans, LA. For more information on the Diamond Awards or to view the entire list of winners, go to www.cunamarketingcouncil.org.


TCU and Junior Achievement of Michiana Host Fourth Annual Titan Challenge

South Bend, Indiana February 28,2012Junior Achievement (JA) of Michiana and Teachers Credit Union (TCU) are holding the fourth annual Titan Challenge at Bethel College. During the morning of March 2, 2012 teams of students from several Michiana-area high schools will compete to determine the top "titan of industry" as they play against teams from other schools. Each member of the winning team will receive up to $2,000 in scholarship money.

JA Titan is a high school-level interactive online business simulation designed to teach students about running a successful business and the decisions that are important in maintaining a successful enterprise in the face of stiff competition. Players serve as the "CEO" of a virtual company and make five key decisions regarding product pricing, production levels, marketing expenses, research & development expenses, and capital improvement expenses. It is designed to complement the high school economics, math, and social studies curriculum.

Students are on a management team of a “virtual” company and need to make critical decisions about the business in order to make a profit in a very competitive industry. Each student team must make five important decisions each quarter of play:
  • The price of the product.
  • How many items to produce
  • How much money to spend on marketing.
  • Whether to expand production through capital investment.
  • How much money to spend on research and development.

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