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    (1) Access your account
      (1) Inquire on Accounts
        (1) Checking
          (1) Account Balance
          (2) Recent transactions history
            (1) All transactions
            (2) All debit transactions
            (3) All credit transactions
            (4) Check transactions
          (3) Inquiry by check number
          (4) Interest information
          (7) Log in as different member
          (8) Repeat this menu
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        (2) Savings
          (1) Account Balance
          (2) Recent transaction history
            (1) All transactions
            (2) All Debit transactions
            (3) All Credit transactions
          (3) Interest information (Current year to date and prior year)
          (7) Log in as a different member
          (8) Repeat this menu
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        (3) Certificate or Individual Retirement Accounts
          (1) Balance
          (2) Maturity Date
          (3) Interest Information
          (7) Log in as a different member
          (8) Repeat this menu
          (9) Return to previous menu
        (4) Loan Accounts
          (1) Account Balance
          (2) Payment information
            (1) Payoff information (for current day only)
            (2) Next payment due date and amount
          (3) Interest Information (Current year to date and prior year)
          (4) Payment History
          (5) Make a loan payment (This will make the exact payment only. To pay a different amount use the Transfer option)
          (7) Log in as other member
          (8) Repeat this menu
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      (2) Request Stop Payment
        Payments requested after 8:00 pm will be posted the next business day. A fee of $33 will be assessed for this service.
          (1) Continue
            (1) Stop payment on check
            (2) Stop payment on a range of checks
          (2) Cancel
      (3) Transfer Funds
        (1) Transfer funds
        (2) Make a loan payment
        (3) Make a credit card payment
        (8) Repeat this menu
        (9) Return to the previous menu
        (0) Speak with a member service representative
      (4) Change Pin Number
      (5) Withdraw Funds with a Check
        (1) Checking
        (2) Savings
    (2) Card Related Services
      (1) Report Lost or Stolen
      (2) Activate Card
    (3) Rate Information
    (4) Business Hours

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