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TCU Teen Club

CU Succeed

What is TCU Teen Club?

The TCU Teen Club is a great new teen savings and financial education program brought to you by TCU. It's all about learning how to manage money and finances. That means it's all about you–our teen members! This club features an informative website designed just for you. Sure, learning to manage money can be pretty tough, but–with the help of TCU–it can also be a lot of fun!

What's In It For Me?

Signing up for TCU's Teen Club will ensure that you get practical advice on financial topics that really matter, such as:


  • Balancing a checkbook
  • Learning to budget and plan ahead
  • Getting an auto loan
  • Managing credit effectively
  • Understanding financial terms

You will be able to learn about these topics on the TCU Teen Club's website, CU Succeed®.

What is the CU Succeed® Website?

The CU Succeed® website is updated regularly with new articles and items that will help you stay informed on a wide variety of issues. Here are just a few of the things you can find on the website:

  • News and special offers from TCU
  • Easy-to-use financial calculators
  • Information on choosing a college and paying for your education
  • Valuable information on obtaining and managing credit
  • Original articles written by CU Succeed® members on a wide range of subjects
  • The opportunity to submit articles for publication in the newsletter or on the website
  • Links to other websites for teens

Quarterly Online Newsletter

An entertaining and informative newsletter will be available on the TCU Teen Club website: CU Succeed®. This quarterly online publication is packed with practical tips and advice on managing your money–plus plenty of just-for-fun items! Best of all, many newsletter articles are written by teens like you!

How Much Is It?

The quarterly newsletter and website are provided FREE to our teen members.

Accounts and Services

TCU has accounts and services are designed especially for you. All of our accounts include Internet Banking so you can track your accounts online!

TCU All Access Share Draft Checking Account*

The TCU All Access Share Draft Checking Account is a specially designed checking account for students under the age of 23. It's great for students who need an easy to manage account.

  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly account service charge
  • Debit Card with Rebate
  • Mobile Web and Text Banking***
  • Internet Banking
  • Overdraft protection options available
  • Unlimited check writing

*This account is offered under the terms and conditions of the TCU Student Checking Account.
***Standard text messaging rates apply.
$7.00 membership fee and $5.00 initial deposit. See TCU Debit MasterCard® Terms and Conditions for details.

Check Out Googolplex, Our Online Guide For Kids and Teenagers!

Want to become responsible with money? Click here to find money facts, games, and more for kids, teens and young adults.

TCU Share Savings Account

Opening a Share Savings Account at TCU is a great way to start saving for your future and very easy to do. You also can enjoy convenient Internet Banking with this account to track your savings.

The cost is only $12 - $7 for the membership fee and $5 for the initial deposit.

Direct Deposit

If you have a job, sign up for Direct Deposit, and your paycheck will automatically be deposited into your account on payday. Don't worry about rushing to TCU to deposit your paycheck after work, your money is already there for you.

The information you will need when you sign up for Direct Deposit is:
Depository Name = Teachers Credit Union
Address =110 South Main Street South Bend, IN 46624-1395
Transit/ABA Number = 271291826


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