David R. Sage Award: Josh Lloyd

TCU recently announced its 2022 David Sage Award winners and in this series, we’re taking a closer look at all three recipients. In this installment, Josh Lloyd talks about being presented with the Leadership in the Workplace Award.

The David R. Sage Award honors TCU employees who demonstrate the leadership and values of former board chairman David R. Sage, who served in TCU leadership for nearly four decades. The recipient of this year’s Leadership in the Workplace Award is Josh Lloyd, an area manager in central Indiana.

Lloyd began with TCU in June of 1996 as a Junior Co-Op. He fell in love with the credit union and stayed on in a work/study capacity during his senior year in high school; going to school part of the day then reporting to the Shadeland branch in Indianapolis as a teller. He is an exemplary leader not only within TCU, but also in the community. Lloyd leads with passion, drive, and desire to move TCU and the community forward. During his tenure, he has led several internal projects that have achieved resounding results.

Tell us a little bit about your TCU journey and what led to you accepting the role as an Area Manager.
I was drawn to the Area Manager position because it offered a chance to lead at a different level. In my role, I’m able to work with branch managers to help them lead and grow their teams and markets. I also have the opportunity to work on projects and strategies that have impacts beyond my immediate markets.

How would you define effective leadership?
Effective leadership is whatever produces desired results AND coincides with the growth of those achieving the results. Being adaptable as a leader is also important so, you can learn to achieve those goals with individuals and teams that vary greatly. 

How do you best inspire your team?
I try to lead with authenticity. I truly care about my teams and the individuals on them. I consider myself as being in service to them and the overall vision or cause we are collectively working towards. I like to think that this genuine approach helps inspire and motivate my teams’ members to become the best versions of themselves.

What challenges has your team dealt with in the past few years?
The past few years have required more nimbleness and the ability to change than was the case prior to 2020. Navigating the pandemic was challenging, especially for our front-line employees. And now we’re learning how to navigate the post pandemic world and the complexity it has triggered. Workforce gaps are especially challenging for any person, team, or organization especially those who have employees that are customer-facing. 

How do you support your team and best determine how to help them succeed?
Determining how to help a particular team or team member is key. Each person’s strengths and challenges are unique. My job as a leader is to help each individual leverage their strengths, develop the areas where there is opportunity for improvement, and help remove roadblocks. So, the key is maintaining a regular honest, open, and constructive feedback cycle. Opportunities for me to listen and learn from them, and then be of service in whatever way best helps them succeed. 

You’re also a leader in our community and you sit on the Board of the Warren Arts & Education Foundation, as well as serve on a number of committees for organizations in central Indiana. Talk about why it’s important to you to serve your community as well.
I think service to your community is important for several reasons. First, it’s giving back. I think it’s important to be civic-minded and look for ways to help make positive impacts in the communities in which you live and work. I’ve been fortunate that on several occasions I am able to serve where I live and work and I find it highly rewarding. 

But it’s also a way to grow personally and professionally. Community service provides another avenue to get different perspectives, observe new ways of doing business, and gain insight you might not be exposed to in your day-to-day business. Conversely, it’s also a wonderful opportunity for you to bring your business insights and acumen to new connections or organizations. 

Overall, service stimulates considerable growth for me personally, while allowing me to further groups and causes I care about. A true win-win.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by the chance to make a difference. Whether it be for an organization, an individual, or even a good cause. 

What do you think is the key to professional success?

Hard work still matters. Talent without hard work will always fall short of maximizing potential. The good old-fashioned grind still matters. Additionally work smart. Take time to understand yourself. Be honest with yourself. Surround yourself with people who will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. Take all of that self-assessment and feedback and align yourself in ways that allow you to play to your strengths.

What is your favorite memory/story of helping a member or team member?
I love helping develop a new generation of leaders. That is the biggest impact any leader can have on an organization. A few stand out in my mind. But I get the most satisfaction in terms of my career when I know I’ve had a positive impact on the journey of a new leader.

And there are so many people that I can think of. Those that I developed a new connection with and others who have known me since I was a teenager just getting started at our Shadeland branch. But one story that comes to mind is when a member I helped heard I had never tried the “new chicken place,” Chick-fil-A. So, one evening she and her young sons paid me a visit at the branch and brought me my first Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. I had the privilege of working with that family and helping them in many ways over the years, and I still hear from them from time to time, including those two (now very adult) young men!