Credit Unions Build a More Inclusive Society

Since 1931, TCU has offered much-needed financial services in underserved communities. And having recently been reminded of the ideals in the Declaration of Independence, TCU reaffirms its commitment to achieving those aspirations in our workforce and in the communities we serve.

As our country prepares to celebrate Independence Day, it is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the racial injustice exposed recently throughout our country and the meaningful action that is required to move forward to bring about lasting change that is sustained for the future. At TCU, we continuously speak to our core values of kindness, respect and integrity and our commitment to each other, our members and our communities. These values and the credit union mission of ‘people helping people’ call on us to:

  • Recognize and stand against the historical, systemic and institutional racism toward black people and black communities.
  • Prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion, ensuring our members and team members feel valued, safe, included, respected and justly treated, regardless of their racial identity; and
  • Be steadfast in our commitment to deepen and support black and other historically marginalized communities by promoting financial inclusion, equity and economic opportunity.

Now is the time to act. We are starting by convening a task force and adding a new role to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion at the credit union. We invite our team members to share their experiences and offer insights into how we can improve our workplace and better serve our members and our community. 

We also remain committed to offering our talent, time and treasure to expand our long-standing support and relationships with African American organizations within the community. From our team members to our board members, we have developed lasting partnerships that we look forward to strengthening to help bring about the change that is needed in our community.