TCU’s Online Scheduling Tool is At Your Service

You can now schedule in-person or phone appointments to open accounts, apply for a loan and take care of a range of other banking needs wherever and whenever you want from any device.

To optimize the member experience, TCU has added an online scheduling tool — making it even easier to book an in-person or phone meeting with trusted TCU team members.

This new feature allows our members to schedule appointments wherever and whenever they want from any device to open a checking or savings account, apply for a loan and take care of many other banking needs.

Even with online and mobile banking, many members prefer in-person meetings with a TCU team member before making important financial decisions. The online scheduling tool is another convenient, free of cost service offered by TCU.

As most branch lobbies have opened for regular business with precautions in place, personally assisting members in a safe, reliable manner remains TCU’s highest priority. The online scheduling tool provides a valuable way to improve service, ensuring members they will speak to the team member best suited to help with their individual needs in the shortest time possible.

TCU’s online scheduling tool paves the way for easy and efficient banking. Schedule an appointment today!