Cash in with TCU’s Debit-Card Rewards Program

Earning rewards while using debit cards for everyday purchases is just another way that TCU helps members save and build a brighter financial future.

For many people, debit cards offer a happy medium between cash and credit cards — the convenience of paying with a card without the risk of carrying a balance that could accumulate interest and increase your debt.

There is one key feature that many debit cards do not offer: rewards. But a TCU Debit Mastercard allows you to cash in.

With a TCU Debit Mastercard, members can earn 0.5% cash back, up to $500 every year, on non-PIN purchases in stores, online or with their mobile wallet. In 2018, TCU gave back more than $4.2 million to members.

Here’s how it works:

  • Select “credit” when making a purchase with your TCU debit Mastercard. Do not enter your PIN.
  • You also earn cash back when you use your debit card for recurring payments.
  • Online debit-card purchases and purchases made from your mobile wallet and apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay also qualify for rewards.

Once you have earned $30 cash back, you can begin claiming your rewards. And redeeming your rewards is easy.



You can stop into a TCU Service Center or log on to your online or mobile account and select Menu > Cards > Check Your Rebate > Redeem. You can claim your rewards as often as you want or allow unredeemed cash-back to accumulate for up to three years.