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Financial Literacy Month Winners Announced

Completing the Strengthen Your Financial Knowledge Contest playlist paid off for four lucky Fit Bit winners! Find out more about the benefits of TCU’s FREE online Personal Finance Program.

TCU Launches Strengthen Your Financial Knowledge Contest

Inspired by Financial Literacy Month, this contest was created to promote financial wellness and to help equip people with the financial knowledge and skills needed to improve their financial health. Enter between April 1 and 30 for a chance to win a Fit Bit ($100 value)!

Get on the path to financial wellness this year.

It's a brand new year, which makes this a great time to study up on financial wellness and make a plan to reach your financial goals.

Net Worth: A Revealing Financial Health Measurement

What's your net worth — and why does it matter? TCU Area Manager Adam Young joins TCU Talks to explain the importance of this metric and how understanding it can be a step on the path to financial security.

Family and Money: Discuss Finances with Your Loved Ones

No matter how difficult, honest financial conversations among family members are almost always the best choice. TCU’s free, online program helps make that easier.

New Year’s Resolutions to Increase Your Savings

If your resolution is to save money, here are tips to get started. These easy ways to reduce spending can help you develop a simple and realistic strategy to meet your short- and long-term financial goals.

Budget and Automate Your Savings to Reach Your Financial Goals

TCU’s Director of Financial Wellness and Wellbeing Jeff Sobieralski tricks himself into saving money. Read Jeff’s tips and learn about TCU’s tools to help your family build financial security.

How to Handle Holiday Shopping After a Year of Hardship

With financial uncertainty and limitations to traditional gatherings because of COVID, TCU Area Manager Joshua Lloyd joined TCU TALKS to provide tips on navigating the holidays during the pandemic.

How to Deal with Financial Stress

With a challenging economic environment, it's no surprise that money stress is on the rise. TCU's Director of Financial Wellness and Wellbeing Jeff Sobieralski provides strategies for taking control of your finances.

Ways to Protect Your Business Against Economic Uncertainty

Steering a small business through today’s uncharted territory is complex. In the latest episode of TCU TALKS, Commercial Loan Officer Pat McGinley shares how business owners can protect their companies.