Text Banking is an easy way to get up-to-the-minute information about your TCU accounts. It's also secure. Once you enroll, you'll get a list of commands you can use to safely manage your finances. Here's how to get started:

  • Sign in to Online Banking, from the Menu select Settings, then Text Banking under "Messaging and Alerts"
  • Select, SMS ONSMS/Text - select ON
  • Enter your phone number and Agree to the Terms
  • Choose Save
  • From the Settings menu, choose the Account Preferences tile
  • Choose the accounts you want enabled for SMS/Text 
  • The Display Name is the Account Nickname
  • Text LIST to 226563* to receive a full list of Text Banking Commands
  • Text START to 226563* to initiate Text Banking on your device

Here are some frequently used text commands to get you started:

Text Code Description
<account nickname>
Request your account balance
<account nickname>
Request your account history for the last 5 transactions
<from account nickname>
<to account nickname>
Transfer funds between accounts
LIST Receive a list of the text banking commands
HELP Receive information related to using text banking
STOP Terminates text message banking on your device
START Initiates text message banking on your device