Business Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Provide your employees with a valuable benefit that lets them set aside money in a special tax-advantaged account they can use to cover health care costs.

Everyone knows how expensive health care can be. A Health Savings Account with TCU can help ease some of the financial burden an employee with a high-deductible health plan faces when paying for an illness or injury.

  • No cost to employers
  • Available to anyone with high-deductible health care plans
  • Offers the flexibility of savings or checking accounts
  • Checking accounts come with a TCU HSA Debit Mastercard® so employees can manage their health care expenses
  • Employees and employers deposit pre-tax dollars
  • Accounts are conveniently accessible through Online Banking

Financial Education Resources

TCU’s happy to provide you and your employees with FREE educational resources!

Now your business can provide educational resources through your membership at TCU. Everfi is a financial education program that provides an engaging learning experience through a series of interactive modules designed to deliver just-in-time, actionable financial education for you and your employees. The personalized learning experience provides a robust library of content to support each learner’s goals and needs. Whether you’re looking for information on building your emergency savings, checking accounts or buying a home, we’ve got you covered. Share the link below with your employees to get started:

TCU Insurance

TCU Insurance agency offers a variety of A+ rated insurance companies. We’ll design a customized insurance plan for your team members’ needs. Whether they’re looking for Home/Renters insurance or auto insurance, we’ll deliver personal service and the right insurance coverage at a competitive price.

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