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Paying off your mortgage isn't as simple as it seems. For one thing, you have to account for taxes and insurance in your monthly payments. This calculator will help you figure out your amortization schedule -- that is, your payoff timetable. You can also determine what impact paying extra money each month toward principle will have on your loan length and interest charges.

Do you have a 30-year mortgage? A 15-year mortgage? Not everyone knows this, but you can pay them off much sooner than the names suggest. How? Just increase the amount you are paying toward your mortgage payment and note the additional amount you want applied to your principle in the memo section of your check (or in the additional comments section if paying via Online Banking). Use this calculator to find out how much faster you can pay off your loan and how much money you might save on interest charges over the long haul.

Times change. Your current mortgage may not look quite as good now. Perhaps interest rates have dropped. Or your monthly payments are higher than you would like. It's possible you could come out ahead financially if you refinance your mortgage. This calculator will help you factor in how much you still owe on your home, along with interest rates and loan terms. In addition, it will calculate the number of months it would take to break even on closing costs with your new payment.

You see and hear the ads everywhere: Refinance your mortgage and save money. Often, that's good advice. But not always. Before committing to refinancing, it's best to figure out how long it will take to break even when all costs are considered. This calculator factors in your current interest rate, the potential new rate, closing costs and how long you plan to stay in your home. In the end, you'll have a good idea about whether it makes sense to refinance your current mortgage.

Guides for Buying or Owning a Home

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The Mortgage Guide

Finding the right home and the best mortgage makes car shopping look easy. Learn to protect yourself from big mistakes when looking at mortgages and the mortgage process.

Considering Homeownership
Homebuyer's Guide

 Laying a foundation for what kind of home you need and want, where to find it, and how much you can afford to pay for it will get you ready to shop for a home and negotiate its purchase.

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Homeowner's Guide

Smart homeowners know that maintaining that home in good shape protects their investment. This guide offers resources to help make homeowning chores and challenges a little easier.