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403(b) for School Employees

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Your school district probably offers a pension plan. But it might be a good idea to take an extra step and start your own retirement account. At TCU Investment Services, we offer educators access to tax-advantaged 403(b) plans that can help supplement your pension and other sources of retirement income. They're similar to private-sector 401(k) plans, both because of their tax advantages and their wide range of investment options.

  • A 403(b) is an excellent savings vehicle that can help supplement your pension or other sources of retirement income.
  • Invest in different funds just like you can with other employer-sponsored retirement plans.
  • Taxes on investment income are deferred until you make withdrawals.
  • You can fund a 403(b) through regular contributions that fit into your monthly budget. Get started by meeting with a TCU Investment Services Representative.

Already have a 403(b) Plan with TCU Investment Services?

If your employer's 403(b) plan is managed by us, use the links on this page to manage your account online.