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Assure Your Debit Card Purchases are Covered!

Opt In For Debit Assurance:
Opting In for Debit Assurance provides you with a safety net and the peace of mind that if you find yourself in a situation where your account balance is lower than a specific purchase you are about to make, your purchase will be approved.*
How it works:
When you Opt In for Debit Assurance, you allow TCU to approve debit card transactions if the funds are not available in your account. If you choose not to Opt In for Debit Assurance, TCU will be required by law to decline transactions when your account balance is insufficient.
If you have $123.00 in your TCU Share Draft Checking account and you are purchasing $200.00 worth of groceries, your TCU Debit Mastercard® purchase would be approved if you are OPTED IN for Debit Assurance. If you have Opted Out of Debit Assurance, your purchase would be declined.
How to OPT IN for Debit Assurance:
  1. Log into Internet Banking, select “Account Services” and “Debit Assurance” - follow the instructions to Opt In
  2. Call the TCU Member Call Center at (800) 552-4745
  3. Visit your nearest TCU Service Center 

©2014 Teachers Credit Union. Debit Assurance applies only to Debit Card Transactions. It does not affect purchases made through checks, ACH and Recurring Debit Card Transactions (recurring is when you have set up your debit card as an automatic payment). Debit Assurance does not approve transactions that will take your account more than $500 negative. *A fee or fees will be charged if your account is taken to a negative.

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